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Robin's COVID19 page - to amuse - and maybe educate ?

Updated 6:00 pm BST UK Time ( 1700z GMT/UT/GPS Time ) Thursday 23rd May 2024.
ONS restart publishing Total Deaths Graph - Since 14th April 2020, after Robin's suggestion. See Robin on Bike near end ;-)

from Robin on 27th July: James Lovelock died on 26th July 2022, his 103rd Birthday. See "Global Warming, James Lovelock, and COVID19" below.
from Robin on 13th September 2022: Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September, joining Philip; Uncle Bernie Sharp on 10th September, joining Ruby;
These guys, appearing on this page, were Loved and Respected by all who knew them; Sleep Well All.

Robin Lovelock From Robin Lovelock: Scroll past the amusing pictures to "the more serious stuff" later, then the good result achieved in UK on 14th April 2020, after Robin's "Bright Idea" was published and discussed with the ONS. See, near the end, the contributions arriving from other countries, as "One-Liners", with links, relevant to them and where they live.

This "covid19" page started with pictures from friends, such as Enrico in Sicily, on our Holiday page. See Enrico and his family in five minute video on the right*. See the Queen and UK Government singing :-)

Many of us will know that humour can help to ease pain.

As the weeks, months, and years go by, it may help us put Covid19 into perspective. Some of us remember at least one war: they never seem to stop. See my Press page. white strip

Robin's Bright Idea then ONS Graphs for 2 years Robin and June Lovelock's long weekend in Cornwall visiting James Lovelock's old place Robin Lovelock's On the right is a video showing Robin's "Bright Idea" in April 2020, for ONS Graphs, and the weekly ONS graphs of Total Deaths from April 2020 until Tuesday 24th November 2021.

Tap or Click on the pictures to play or expand.

The animated picture is more recent than the video, and includes the weekly ONS graphs for over two years. Sorry about layout :-)

Lessons may be learned, from covid19, to prepare for the inevitable results of Global Warming, by maybe 2040 or earlier. white strip Understand the important information below from James Lovelock: few still understand what his book "The Revenge of Gaia" said, years ago, on my Grumpy page.

By coincidence, the G7 Summit of 2021 was held in Carbis Bay, where we visited in September 2020. I wonder if guys like Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, and other World Leaders met James Lovelock ? See Jim in that video on the left :-) Here's a nice picture of James (Jim) Lovelock on Chesil Beach. Click on it to visit his web site .

James Lovelock on Chesil Beach and his website white strip

The pictures and videos on this "covid19" page should also bring a smile to your faces. We start with this picture from Enrico in Sicily, sent on 18th March 2020 :-) white strip




For those of you using a translation flag, it says, "with every problem there's a solution." :-)

white strip India has had it tough with Covid19. But humour can help. Deepak in Delhi sent Robin these pictures: the first on 17th May 2020, and the next on 11th June 2021, when he said OK to put here, and, for those who need translation: "Social Distancing the Indian Way", and “God knows, what else we have to see”. He remembers one of the Bansal family visiting the Punjab from Sunninghill in 2020. Nick and Bal appear in that "Playing with Guns" video. Tap or Click on pictures to enlarge or play that video again :-) white strip white strip CCTV and fox

Caught on our CCTV: the fox, eating peanuts left out for him. What has he seen ? The webcam and warning sign near the window ? :-)

CCTV warning sign

From Robin's 2019 Christmas Newsletter : June's violent reaction to her Christmas present from Robin: Saucy underwear. Robin is holding the sauce :-)

June with her surprise Christmas present: saucey underwear :-)

white strip

Robin, June, and Samantha on their CCTV, in "Covid19 Lockdown". Samantha is working from home, for a company doing media monitoring Worldwide. 21 years now :-)

Robin, June, and Samantha on CCTV

white strip

The more serious stuff ...

Robin Lovelock covid19 graph for illustration From Robin Lovelock on 13th April 2020: Many of you can skip down to the bottom of this page, unless you are into collecting, processing, and publishing, the requested detailed data, for the UK or other countries. See the UK BBC TV broadcast, then information starting to be published by my wise overseas friends.

I hope that someone will provide the spreadsheet data and graph, to replace that on the right - just for illustration of what I'm after. Click on my sketch to enlarge. The direct and indirect effects of covid19 should be pretty obvious to anyone comparing the graph for 2020, as it developes, with at least for that for 2019. Mistakes will be made in knowing what individual death is related to covid19, but all deaths are recorded, regardless of where it happens, and the cause.

white strip

I'm seeking spreadsheet data for a known area, such as England, with 365 columns - one for each day of the year; at least two rows: that for 2019, and that for 2020 - which can be updated from the same source - probably the UK National Office of Statistics, on . Please note that I am NOT seeking attempts to try and identify covid19 deaths: anyone, comparing graphs for 2020 with earlier years, should be easily able to draw the right conclusion. Increased deaths might be direct, such as infection of vulnerable people, or less direct, such as suicide or murder: sadly, we can expect these to increase.

I understand that, in the UK, about 500,000 people die every year - an average of about 1300 each day. I suspect that, with the required data and graph, my illustration above will be seen to be over optimistic. i.e. the 2020 plot for total deaths may already be well above that for 2019 and earlier years.

Note added on Easter Monday 13 April 2020 by Robin: Thank you, my many friends, looking into a similar approach for your country, and letting me know how things are. Some of you can compare the graphs with events like earthquakes, floods, fires, famines caused by lack of rain, war ceasefires, etc.

To finish on a lighter note: check out my short videos on the right. The new 2010 Holiday one MAY work. Stay Safe, and don't get too bored :-)

covid19 graph and spreadsheet

Progress by 13th April 2020 with spreadsheet data for UK

See the useful ONS page with Graph and data here . Are you into spreadsheets ? The picture on the right is from my PC screen, using Microsoft Excel to view the downloaded data from the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) site here . Click on the picture if you want to read the detail. I renamed their .XLSX document, downloaded on Easter Monday 13 April 2020 as cvoncd~1.xls on this web site. Rename it to end ".XLSX". But I'll happily look at the graph they made :-) white strip

UK Government adopts monitoring of total deaths on 14th April 2020

Tuesday 14 April 2020: Nick Stripe of UK ONS appears on BBC TV News. He said that there were 16,387 deaths registered in England and Wales during the week ending April 3, which "is the highest weekly total" since the authority started compiling data in 2005. From Robin's sister, Sally : "It's saying 60% increase in weekly death toll... Extra 6000 deaths only 3.5k reported as corona... So 2.5k extra need to know..... ". This was the main lead on the UK BBC TV 6pm and ITV 6:30pm TV News broadcasts. You can play the 2 minute video, giving extracts from the 10pm BBC TV News, on the right.

Thursday 16th April 2020 from Robin Lovelock: Good to see the UK Government adopt this approach of monitoring total deaths, even if the graph is only for England and Wales, and compared to the average for previous 5 years.

The latest graph can be reached from here . This was from Robin Lovelock on 2nd January 2021: "Thanks Guys.
Good if graphs for 2021 also start from January 2020, so that we all may compare with that first peak in April 2020".
22nd March 2022: Better if total deaths now compared with 5 year Average from before Covid19 ? e.g. 2015 - 2019 ?

Tuesday 3rd November 2020: The ONS switch to publishing seperate graphs for England and Wales, instead of the combined graph since April. 23rd November 2021: ONS revert back to a combined graph, and better format. Well Done Guys ! :-)

Some other countries, not already monitoring total deaths, may find it useful, but graphs of individual years may be needed, to compare with deaths affected by things like natural disasters, famine, war ceasefires, etc.

white strip

From Robin in June 2020: to the family of Dame Vera Lynn, who has passed away, aged 103. BBC News on 18th June 2020 . I hope the video above causes a smile rather than hurt. white strip

Prince Philip From Robin on Tuesday 13th April 2021: to the Queen, her family, and friends, after Prince Philip passed away at Windsor Castle, aged 99. The same: I hope the video above causes a smile rather than hurt. But I will put more here soon. Like millions of others across the World, I loved the guy, and may add more links to relevant information. e.g. Tap or click on Phillip for the Wiki article. But as Philip said, "I want no fuss".

Today's graph shows what we expected: the graph of total deaths well below the average. This is because it is the sad fact of life that, these guys would probably have passed away soon anyway. They have simply "gone to meet their maker" a little earlier. My words here may seem insensitive, and out of place, but, as has been said before, losing loved ones, "goes with the territory" of growing old.

Guys reading this of different faiths and races, and most importantly, age, may cope with sorrow with "Army Humour". The Royal children and grandchildren, like Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward, and many around them, will have understanding and/or experienced this, including in war zones. The same humour is often applied to sickness - to "keep one's sanity".

I see it every day in my many friends and family. For those using automatic translation, here are a few expressions, that may, or may not translate well, to mean "die": "pass away", "shuffle off this mortal coil", "go to meet one's maker", "snuff it", "peg out", "kick the bucket", and many more. Hence the term "Bucket List" - things I want to do, before I die.

I am reminded of my late French friend George Gourier, on other pages, and his Parrot. Also of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch. Some time I may add our personal memories of the Royal Family, but some of this is addressed on my Frimley Park (Military) Hospital page.

Some of us will feel that Phillip may be smiling and looking down on this. Sleep Well Phillip. white strip

Red poppy

Tap or Click on the poppys, for my Covid19 Blog page. It will confuse most of you: seemingly unconnected memories of Phillip, HMS Calypso, Corfu, local Greeks, and much more :-)

From Robin Lovelock on Saturday 18th April 2020 ...

Robin Lovelock Samantha Lovelock birth in Holland For decades I have worked by putting the right people in contact with each other. They are often old friends, like those listed below, or "friends of friends". Click on the picture on right, for memories of our time in Holland, in the 1970s. Soon after Samantha's birth, I had to give a briefing to "top brass" in NATO :-)

I see the recent UK News includes talk of things like making the UK public wear face masks, in addition to the obvious problems of getting protective clothing to the important front line staff, in hospitals, care homes, emergency services, transport, etc. We can learn a lot from other countries, who decentralise decision making and action, down to individual hospitals, or even wards, where doctors or nurses are more expert than anyone in knowing what is needed, and can order it, or arrange a courier, if it is already stockpiled, or available from elsewhere - including China.

Recent TV News, including talk of the recession after the first World War, WWI ( 1914-1918 ), or veterans on WWII ( 1939-1945), reminds me of "old soldiers", including in my family. e.g. my grandfather, Harold Sharp, who was wounded on the Somme, and remembered walking back through the confused lines, helped by German wounded: also the Christmas ceasefire football match. More recently, I spent a lot of time with my Father-in-Law, Jack Ponsford , who spent most of WWII in Stalag 8b POW Camp in Poland. Some of this is on my "Bigger Picture" page, linked from my Home page. My Uncle Bernie Sharp, in Sandhurst, has memories of his dad, Harold, and of WWII, and is near the top of my Family page. He remembers, as did my mother, their living under canvas during the recession, before a local doctor loaned Harold money, to buy land and build a shack.

Recently, both Uncle Bernie and Auntie Ruby, were admitted to Frimley Park (Military) Hospital and sadly, my Auntie Ruby passed away. Bernie returned home. I visited him and his sons before the UK lockdown, and like a typical old soldier, he still has a sense of humour. Click on Bernie to play the video, recorded on Christmas Eve 2016 :-)
Click on Bert Davies, on the far right, to read his War Memories of Italy. Bert, with wife Ada and son Alan, lived in the same road in Wokingham, from when I was six. white strip Care in Nursing Home Vietnam and Napalm Harold Sharp Poppy Jack Ponsford Ruby Sharp Bert Davies white strip

Global Warming, James Lovelock, and COVID19

James Lovelock Global Warming and James Lovelock

From Robin Lovelock: There is more in the piece about Global Warming and James Lovelock on my Grumpy page. Jim had his 100th Birthday last year. Click on his picture for the Wiki article.

Few people still understand what Jim and that page have been saying for years.

"We can't stop Global Warming. but we may delay it by a few decades, to give us time to prepare for it's effects: vast areas of the World, including as close as continental Europe, becoming arid desert; shrinking of habitable areas of the planet to much smaller parts of the planet, closer to the Poles. The Earth will then only be able to support a small fraction of it's present population, and there will be the need for massive migration. Places like the UK will remain temporate a little longer, so will be an attractive destination. We need all World Governments to cooperate, to prepare for this inevitability; also to agree things like reduced use of fossile fuels, to give us a few more decades to prepare."

Click or tap here for the Guardian Newspaper article.
Global Warming and James Lovelock I love the quote, “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky, it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.": We all know what "it" is :-)

From Robin on Monday 27th July 2020: Jim's 101st birthday was yesterday. See the Guardian article published just before here . Great stuff :-)
Play the video below, on the left, for the BBC TV News on his 100th Birthday in 2019. On the right in 2020: ... on coronavirus and turning 101.

Global Warming and James Lovelock Stanley Johnson

Read the Grumpy page, to see the full piece, and in context. e.g. articles about the UK NHS and migrants. Maybe, with the experience of covid19, many nations will collaborate. Our short youtube video, above, to the right shows Robin, June, and Samantha, on "covid19 lockdown" in Sunninghill, promoting three books of Jim, including "the revenge of Gaia". Click on the important Grumpy Old Man on the right to know more about him. Today seemed a good day to mention him here, publicly. Of course, he could be a topic of discussion on my Google Group below ;-)

Remember videos will only play from my English pages.

27 April 2020: BBC Article Coronavirus recovery plan 'must tackle climate change' . Environment ministers from 30 countries are meeting in a two-day online conference.
By Roger Harrabin. See . There is a video feed, including the 50 minutes starting at 3:10 CET = 1510 CET = 1410 BST in UK = 1310z GMT.
Click or touch the pictures below to enlarge. e.g. the Conference Agenda. See Videos . At least some are making a connection between covid19 and global warming ! Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change Conference on Covid19 and Climate Change white strip

Covid19, Prince Phillip, Greta Thunberg, James Lovelock, and Global Warming - from Robin Lovelock's Point of View, on Wednesday 21st April 2021.

white strip Covid19. Prince Philip, Greta, and Global Warming white strip

"One-Liners" from some of Robin's friends in many countries ...

from Robin: Many Thanks to those who have contributed these "one-liners". There can often be useful information from a link to a web page, video, or TV station.
Compare different search engines. e.g. Search "world news" on Google , Bing or Yahoo . Best not criticise your Governments here. Do they sing as well as ours ? :-)

from Kurt in Denmark: "... commercial TV broadcast station which releases ... info daily " Kurt is a Radio HAM . See Snoopy the Viking :-)
from Mick near Melbourne, Australia: "... if that is sort of what you are after.. updated very regularly. ". See MicroMite :-)
from Louden in New Zealand: " ... NZ Statistics hold a lot of data ... . There is a specific Covid-19 page ". See EASAMS .
from Jacques in Mauritius: "... I update daily ... graphs from data of see link ... See 2019 Newsletter :-)
from Jose in Portugal: "... The data I check everyday is here: ". See old GPS Software in Hot Air Balloons and "The Icicle" :-)
from Ted on west coast of USA: "... For what's going on in my little town of about 61,000 look here: ". See Berkley Labs and Pidgeon here :-)
from Andy in Poland: "Sure Robin ... (Polish website) Andy " - Andy is a Radio Ham, early GPSS user, and suggested we Holiday in Sicily :-)
from Jhins in China: " .... ( CGTN ? conversation in progress with Jhins & Icey ) ..." . See Concox products from Shenzhen on AVL page, and e-cigs on .
from Shams in Slough, UK: "... we are all okay ... Local News ". Business Partner in Malaysia. Came to UK with family in 2002. See "Je Suis Charlie" on Grumpy .
from Hector in Miami, FL, USA: "... ( conversation in progress ) ... LINKEDIN ". Used GPSS in Ecuador.
from Robby in Port of Spain, Trinidad: " ... collaboration with the local University of The West Indies and our Ministry of Health... DASHBOARD " - early GPSS .
from Alek in St Petersburg, Russia: "Hi Robin. I am all Ok too.... ...". See Sailing Saucer linked from near top of Snoopy :-)
from Sally near Northampton, UK: "( ... passionate about Global Warming ...)". See Family , Campion , Michaels Memories , - my sister is an expert !
from Vatan in Holland: "... Sociologist researcher found James Lovelock on Grumpy page ". Vatan asked to be put in contact with James. James will decide :-)
from Adam in London,UK: "... Dear Lovelock ... Adam Afriyie, MP ... Twitter ... Hansard ... " - Wiki , Grumpy , - Well Done Adam :-)
from John in Ascot,UK: "... B.Sc Biochemistry, School Teacher, Driving Instructor + Robot Wars , Team-Joker , LINK ... " - L-Driver , Snoopy + Lateral Thinker :-)
from Deepak in Delhi, India: "... Indian channel that I watch most is NDTV Most information through ... Youtube and the BBC ...". See Linkedin . GPSS in 1999 :-)
from Dave in Vietnam: "... You can add me as 'SaigonDave' ... link ... (conversation in progress) ...". Dave used GPSS in Vietnam in 2004.
from Carlos in Peru: "... my website ... I work with ( drones ) ... measure people per square meter, to avoid crowds " . Carlos used GPSS in Peru.
from Flavio in Reggio Emilia, Italy: " ... (conversation in progress) ... RAI TV ... CF3000 Automotive Electronics ... ". Pioneer; used GPSS ; see Flavio in 1999: Holiday :-)
from Enrico in Sicily: "ok, add ... Enrico Mirabella ... visit our web site ...". Used GPSS and GPSSppc years ago. See Sicily on Holiday :-)
from Usman in Lagos, Nigeria: "... ( conversation in progress ) ... gets news from ...". Used GPSS from 2002 in Nigeria.
from Eric in Accra, Ghana: "... co-produced 12 min documentary ... See also Covid Stigma in Ghana and my Twitter ....". friend of a friend at City University :-)
from Dario in Ljubljana, Slovenia: "... ( conversation in progress ) ...". Search "slovenia news" on Google or Bing or Yahoo ? Used GPSS on 4x4 in Sahara years ago.
from Gordon near Johannesburg, South Africa: "... Covid-19 trends ... Al Jazera ... Local news and also Radio Station 702 ...". Used GPSS in the air in 2000 :-)
from Roberto near Valparaiso, Chile: "... I do not watch TV. Nor do I especially follow a web page, I just browse". Google or Bing ? Used GPSS for Business in 2000.
from Jose Luis from Monterrey, México: "... recommend this site for COVID info: ..." . He is a Radio HAM and used GPSS from 2007.
from Andy near Buenos Aires, Argentina: ".... ( conversation in progress )... most important news channel ... on TV and Internet is here ...". Used GPSS from 2000.
from Pablo in Buenos Aires, Argentina: ".... daily official government figures on COVID19 here ... Buenos Aires City web about it: here ....". Used GPSS from 1997.
from David in Tel Aviv, Israel: ".... I am well ...". Israel News on Google & Bing . Radio and TV on IPBC . Was a Radio Ham & used GPSS for RDF in Business .
from Bob in Falkland Islands: "... (conversation in Progress)...". Penguin News ? Is a Radio Ham & used GPSS before we met at the 1997 London Motor Show :-)
from Mahmud Riyad in Gazipur, Bangladesh: "... news from BBC, BBC Bangla , Channel-i ... Facebook ..." - was in RajVooj in Sunninghill. Mr Kahn his uncle :-)
from Rudi in Sydney, Australia: "Not sure if this qualifies as a one-liner but I certainly found it helpful! article/12270670 " Rudi "family" since 1991 . See Puppy dog :-)
from Ron in Oxford, UK: "... my wife and I are both very keen wildlife photographers: ... ". See Red Kites from 2005 :-)
from Toshi Takeuchi in Japan... pioneer of GPSS for aid work in Africa; Translation ; Links page ; Visited in 1990's; Kids baby's then; Toshi now a Grandpappy :-)
from Dr John Raffetto in USA ... Chairman: ; See end of SHAPE ... John Manniello page ; Discussions in progress ;-)
from Robin in Sunninghill,UK: Home & COVID19 page. Freeview TV: Al Jazera , BBC , ITV , Sky , RT . BBC Radio 4 . My Grumpy Friends, overseas or near :-)

from Robin on Friday 7th July 2023: Correction to one liner for Dr John Raffetto above: "Raffetto Herman Strategic " removed because a different guy. After Whatsapp discussion between Dr John and Robin on subject of a "Windsor Care" concept. Sounds interesting John. Obviously related to subject of my . I will watch with interest ;-)

Gary Carter with son Bert working on the Lovelock's cars Robin and June Lovelock's long weekend in Cornwall visiting James Lovelock's old place

Are you interested in the Latest News about the Lovelock family in Sunninghill ?

See recent videos on Youtube:
e.g. that long weekend in Cornwall and Devon, visiting places, old friends, and relatives.
It included a visit to where the famous James Lovelock and his wife Sandy used to live.

e.g. Gary Carter with son Bert, servicing our cars. The mouse took that trip too ? :-)

We had a lovely small 50th Wedding Aniversary Party on Saturday 26th June 2021 :-)

Trusted guys may join Robin's Google Group: ROBINLOVELOCKSFRIENDS .
The introduction is Here . But Robin needs to know all about them first ;-)

Tuesday 2nd November 2021: Tap or Click on pictures to expand. That ONS graph of total deaths, further up this page, repeated here: the curve, just 15%(?) above the average, indicates to Robin that we are now seeing the INDIRECT effects of Covid19. e.g. increased numbers of murders, suicides, but - more importantly - the increased strain on the UK health system, including hospitals, care homes, and GP surgeries. What a pity all UK Governments have neglected NHS funding for 30 years. See - but that's a different subject :-)
Tuesday 23rd November 2021: Nice change in ONS graph format: Well Done Guys ! :-) 22 March 2022: Clearer if graph of total deaths compared with 5 year average before 2020 and Covid19 had an effect ?

Tuesday 23rd January 2024: ONS Stop publication of the graph ? Hopefully a temporary glitch: we shall see. LOTS more detailed data as text - but the graph is clearer. e.g. changing mortality due to anything. If the graph is NOT published, in coming days, some may say that a new policy is at work. Hiding important information from the UK public ? If the graph IS published, Robin will update this paragraph ;-)
Wednesday 20th March 2024. ONS restart publishing the graph, after improving how the average is calculated. This was explained in an email reply to to Robin earlier in the year. Well Done Guys ! :-)

One possible consequence of Covid19 is Robin loosing his Driving Licence. See details on Robin's DVLA Funny Farm page Tap or click on Robin trying out alternative transport - his little push-bike :-)

This prompted Robin setting up his "Press" page, as an aid to talking with Journalists - not done for many years. It covers many possible topics for Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, or TV story. Many topics overlap, and are International. e.g. Covid19, Global Warming, Wars and Cold-Wars.

On the left, is us enjoying our trip to the South-West in our Camper :-)

June caught a mild case of Covid19 in early October 2021, but just a sore throat and a few aches and pains. The PCR test posted on 10th October, showed positive on Monday 11th. June followed the rules - and common sense - and was back to her usual routines of tennis, socialising, and shopping, on Tuesday 19th October. Robin and Samantha tested negative, and have had no symptoms - so far. Our youngest daughter Michelle, in Coventry, showed mild cold symptoms, but tested positive for Covid19 using the Do It Yourseff (DIY) "Lateral Flow Test", from about Saturday 15th January 2022 until the test showed negative, before she returned to work, teaching at a local Technical College, on Monday 24th January 2022.

It seems the UK Government has changed the rules, and one does not need to follow a positive DIY Lateral Flow Test, with sending away a sample through post for a PCR test ( Polymerase Chain Reaction ). The DIY tests used here regularly certainly seem effective, showing a clear negative or positive result even faster than the 15 minutes in the instructions.

A lot of Robin's family, friends, neighbours, and aquantances, have now had Covid19, with symptoms little worse than a cold. i.e. not as bad as 'flu. Let us all hope for the best ! :-)

Who has visited this "Covid19" page ?

Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

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Not all visits are seen, and some browsers hide location, but you may find Revolvermaps livestats for COVID19 page interesting.

The video on the right shows several guys visiting at the same time, after I posted the link on the Microtransat forum :-)

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