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GPS Software Business Page

* Please see footnote on our About page. Maybe these costs will be zero too :-)
Testing of GPSS is free, and business use is low cost*: see licence costs* on Partners page.
Yes, this IS a business website - despite the "folksy flavour" :-)

Robin You will see that I am extremely "up front" about who I am, and our GPS software business.

Big resources are not needed to give people permission to use GPSS, or make the occasional software change. I have worked in larger companies and on larger projects than most people, and have no need to pretend what I am not.

I greatly respect others who are able to be equally "up front" about themselves and their own business - however small it is - so don't be shy. I often try and get people to work together, since there is often strength in numbers. The main quality I seek in new contacts is honesty. Other qualities such as technical ability, or financial strength, can often be achieved by Teaming.

Many take the "tools of the trade" path: Robin in car

  • make first contact with me by email and/or a 'phone call: decide if you want to take the path below.
  • get those "tools of the trade" - a laptop PC and a low cost GPS.
  • do step 1 then step 2 on the download page. i.e. make GPSS work with GPS then tell me about yourself.
  • use my reply and later email support to add mapping and configure GPSS to your application.
  • free testing of GPSS applied to your application for as long as you wish - with my free support.
  • demonstration to others after purchase of a demonstration licence explained on partners page.
  • full exploitation of GPSS for your business.

This may seem like a strange way to start a business discussion with me, but there are very practical reasons. For me, it allows me to prioritise my time in helping those with a serious business interest in GPS. For you, many of your questions will be answered by testing the software "for real". You will waste less time if you test GPSS in simple steps. e.g. GPSS navigation mode before remote tracking modes. The laptop PC may become your main means of demonstrating GPSS to others later. The few hours and dollars spent in assembing such prototype/demonstrators are repaid many times over in any future procurement or business operation. They are also an important "trust building" phase between us.

GPS Software on Pocket PC Over the years I've found it important to get to know the person with whom you are thinking of doing business. Planned visits to see us, or 'phone calls, are always welcome, but as a start you may want to visit our history and family pages.

I look forward to hearing from you: as I said before, don't be shy :-)

Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill UK, January 2010.

GPSS, the GPS Software, and opportunities for business

download stats GPSS has been used with GPS in 163 countries. On the right you see who is downloading the software. This is the 32 top countries: you can see more under stats.

You can read about my background and over 15 years of GPSS evolution under history.

Many of the GPSS users are "GPS enthusiasts" - using GPSS on a Laptop PC with a GPS connected, as an in-car navigation system. Others are interested in the business of remote tracking, as on the AVL page. Many are using GPSS on the Pocket PC.

The "enthusiasts" often help to pioneer new mapping, speech or GPSS capability in their country, and some become, or "team up" with new businesses.

Our business will always only be licencing of GPSS to those who can exploit it. See About us on the front page. To promote GPSS I allow downloading of GPSS from this web site, with free mapping and speech. I give individuals who register GPSS permission to use it, and I provide free technical support and advice.

GPSS can be used in many ways, but the main two are:

  • on a Pocket PC based GPS or smartphone, Laptop PC, or Car PC - for Navigation.
  • on a PC to track one or more vehicles remotely over a communications network.

Here are just a few of the types of business that can exploit GPSS:

  • including the GPS Software in a Pocket PC or Smartphone.
    e.g. a "GPS Tourist Guide", with maps, pictures and recordings, as in Corfu
  • Selling Remote tracking solutions such as those on the AVL page.
  • Selling GPS products to the consumer with a GPSS free CD
  • Selling Smartphones, Pocket PC or Notebook PC with GPS included.
  • Selling complete Car Navigation systems to the consumer. e.g. Car-PC.
  • Selling special systems into "niche markets".
  • Selling Software, where GPSS.EXE is used as a "tool".
  • Exploiting GPSS for publicity. See ASONTV page.

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