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Snoopy's Drone Page ( 1980s 35mm aerial photos at the end )

Updated at 2030 on Saturday 3rd February 2018 UK Time

Robin Utube video Hi Guys ! This is "Snoopy's Drones" page, set up in February 2017, after I put up that "Snoopy Drones" video. The page can concentrate on what is relevant, and I can easily plug in pictures and youtube videos from our friends. You can see who few visit, and maybe guess who they are, by the counters at the bottom. I'll probably be making some updates soon, as I plug more in, or tidy it up.

Dick first made contact with me in 2012, after that 2012 Atlantic Attempt. He was suggesting we use drones to search for Snoopy, when the boat was lost near that military bunker on the Isle of White. But it was only 2016, when Peter got his Drone, and started serious tests, since it might be used for future search for lost boats. However, now you see we have lots of other possible ideas: e.g. following Snoopy out to see after launch, or simply getting more photogenic film and pictures, including during tests on Bray Lake or other waters that Snoopy dares sail, here or overseas :-)

Drone Cam The most recent addition is that "Aerial Video 2003", recently found, and uploaded to Youtube. I spoke clearly, so the automatic subtitle translation may work. The 17 minutes was filmed at places near Bracknell, Winkfield, Sunningdale, and Lightwater. After watching it all, I was disappointed not to find the video I have somewhere - Trevor and I doing an aerial recce over Dorneywood , north of Slough, looking for the Deputy Prime Minister, John - Two Jags - Prescott :-)

Drone Cam video July 2017 update: the following is from an email sent to Drone-flying friends Peter, Dick, and Stuart:
There was a brief test flight of my drone carrying it's video camera today. The picture does not show the large lead-acid battery, below the camera. Video is recorded on compact VHS, a little less convenient than an SD card. Flights, despite the external battery, are still limited to a few seconds - depending upon the altitude at which the drone is released. Other aircraft need not fear about this drone - fresh off the secret list, but anyone below the flight path is advised to wear a hard hat. This camera can be seen on a tripod, operated by Stuart, in 2005, on :-)

February 2018 update: Checkout the video on the right. Use a drone to launch Snoopy's Robot Boat ? Or remove the propellors ? :-) white strip

Some relevant videos of Snoopy and Drones ...

Snoopy 2012 Atlantic Attempt on BBCTV ... the full 2012 story fimed by us ... "Aerial Video 2003" - how Snoopy did it then, filmed from a fixed wing aircraft :-) white strip

Utube video Utube video Aerial Video 2003 white strip

Dick's "Mavic and Rice" video, otherwise known as "Dick's Balls in the Bath"..... Peter's coastal air recce test ...

Mavic and Rice Peter's Air Recce white strip

white strip

From TAM page: Ancient history in that "Snoopy Drone's" video: 35mm stills: Windsor Castle, Sunninghill, Chobham Common: taken in the 1980s - I think :-) white strip Chobham Common Model Flyers Association CCMFA Chobham Common Model Flyers Association CCMFA Chobham Common Model Flyers Association CCMFA white strip

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