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Robin Lovelock's PRESS page - for Public and JOURNALISTS ;-)

Updated 0915 UK BST Time ( That's 0815z GMT/UT/GPS Time) Sunday 23rd July 2023.

Newsflash:The DVLA say Robin cannot drive. See Robin & June's Holiday in Sicily . Play the May 2023 Press Release Video , or that below ? :-)
Breaking News, after President Biden's meeting with King Charles & the NATO Summit: "Windsor Care". Scroll down to the end ;-)

Introduction from Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill

Robin Lovelock Robin Lovelock with Laptop in lounge From Robin in early 2022: for the first time in years, I decided to contact a few journists - ideally "investigative journalists" who have the means of "digging deeper" on a news story. Also those who publish material in Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, TV, and The Net. Maybe we should see the DVLA "management tree", their use of agencies/contractors, salaries, etc ?

Do you have the right tools to read this page ? e.g. is there just one line of text above the header image ? Can you scroll to the map at the bottom in 1 second ? Don't miss that "Important Message from Robin Lovelock" towards the end, after the cartoons. If you have problems, see my Can U See page. Your smart 'phone or tablet MIGHT be good enough :-)

Please see my : Robin's "DVLA Funny Farm" page on , which explains why I decided to contact the Press: The DVLA telling me that I should not drive. It's a useful introduction, for journalists wishing to contact me on a host of other stories. For some unknown reason, within two months, on 1st April 2022, I was told that I COULD drive. Then, in 2023, I was told I could not drive - again. Others can look into what happened if they wish. The evidence is all* there, on that page above :-) * I have more evidence, not yet published ;-)

June Lovelock's Birthday Trip to Portchester Castle on 18th July 2023 But there are hundreds of other topics that people may have more interest in, and might provide ideas or raw material for the Press. Some have resulted in my being contacted, by UK or overseas news media, including Newspapers, Radio, and Television Networks. See my AsOnTV page, for some of those topics. See Mysterious Deaths of Marconi Engineers page, for a topic I treat with more care, and is the first "story" on my Grumpy page. Some overlap with sad events in Ukraine, and inevitable Global Warming, now "kicking in" :-|

James Lovelock My Covid19 page, started in early 2020, has humour, but resulted in good results in UK, reported on BBC TV. But the page is much wider, with input from many countries, and overlaps into subjects like Global Warming and James Lovelock. The amazing "Scientist, Engineer, and Inventer", who passed away on his 103rd Birthday, on 26th July 2022. Understand his prophetic words about Global Warming.

Some journalist may be interested in places I've worked, and people I've worked with, at City University , Ferranti , NATO , and EASAMS . Some guys are still alive :-)

Rocking Chair There are interesting people & places I know, such as in Sunninghill and Chobham , and MANY other places around the World :-)

There are hundreds of topics, many of which are Worldwide. e.g. amusing hobby projects for grandads and their grandchildren. Some of my pages may spark ideas :-)

white strip Here are some videos from Robin's AsOnTV page, starting with that while at EASAMS : "Business Development", "Charitable Causes", then "Just Fun" :-)

Utube video Utube video Utube video Utube video Utube video Sunninghill Geocachers on BBC World in 2001 Utube video white strip

Please remember why I set up this page on 22nd March 2022: investigation of topics raised on Robin's "DVLA Funny Farm" page on ;-)

But than priority will probably change. Most of you will be interested in other topics. Here are some images from the start, and then the end, of my Grumpy page ...

images from Robin Lovelock's Grumpy page on images from Robin Lovelock's Grumpy page on
images from Robin Lovelock's Grumpy page on

"Make Love not War" is easier said than done.

white strip Robin Lovelock Dr John Raffetto from Robin Lovelock of Sunninghill in July 2023: This section is being updated, as Robin gets the chance. Interesting things are happening, and conversations being held, that are welcome interruptions, and will appear on this "Press" page. Topics often overlap*, such as Italy, Wars, and Health. Check out those guys below ;-) "Old Soldiers" have stories some may wish told. Tap on images below, or a link. e.g. Bert Davies ; John Maniello ; Jack Ponsford ; Len Lovelock ; Harold Sharp ; Bernie Sharp ; Vic Piercey ; Dwight Eisenhower ; Family .

MANY OF YOU MAY WISH TO SCROLL DOWN PAST ALL THIS "OLD SOLDIER" STUFF - to the host of smaller sections on "less serious" stuff, like Robot Boats, and many hobbies :-)

* Check out Bernie Sharp talking about his amazing father, Harold Sharp, in that video interview with Robin, in 2016. e.g. Gambling, moving out of poverty to relative prosperity, using "business skills" and contacts, including Gypsies/Pikies/Travellers, Race Horse Owners and Jockies, Farmers, etc. It was only recently that Robin discovered that Harold Sharp never discussed World War 1, and what followed, with his sons: only his wife Annie, and daughters Vi and Eve Lovelock. However, Robin was told much of the basic things from his mother Evelyn Lovelock , then directly from his grandad Harold Sharp, when Robin regularly visited him, with parents Len, Eve, a sister Sally, but more when Robin could drive, from 1964. Business can be used to do good, as well as evil. Don't we all know it ? :-) white strip Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers Old Soldiers white strip

Now a few extracts from the pages about those guys above, to "whet your appetite", starting with Bert Davies....

. white strip Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies white strip Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies white strip Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies Old Soldiers Bert Davies white strip

Then John Manniello ...

white strip Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello white strip Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello white strip Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello Old Soldiers John Maniello white strip

Then Jack Ponsford ...

white strip white strip Old Soldiers Jack Ponsford Old Soldiers Jack Ponsford Old Soldiers Jack Ponsford Old Soldier Jack Ponsford white strip

Stuff may be plugged in here, if and when Robin has the time ;-) white strip

Then Len Lovelock ...

white strip Old Soldier Len Lovelock Old Soldier Len Lovelock Old Soldier Len Lovelock Old Soldier Len Lovelock Old Soldier Len Lovelock Old Soldier Len Lovelock white strip

Then Harold Sharp ...

white strip

Robin's German Connections Poppy to remember them from Robin: Anyone who knows me well will know one topic that will bring tears to my eyes. It is when I recall my dear Grandfather, Harold Sharp, telling me of his experiences in the First World War - WWI ( 1914 - 1918 ). He would talk of the Christmas Football Match: Germany v England, when there was a short, unofficial truce, before they went back to their own trenches, and resumed killing each other. What particularly moves me, was his personal account of his being among the "walking wounded", making their way back through the confused lines. German and Allied soldiers would be walking together, helping each other, until they eventually parted company, sometimes bidding "farewells", to their respective Field Hospitals. His was "Le Treport", the name of his bungalow in Agister's Lane, not far from Arbourfield Army Camp. His eldest son, my Uncle Ern, was in the 8th Army "Desert Rats", during WWII, coming up through Africa, through Sicily and Italy. I inherited my wicked sense of mischief from Harold, as my dear Uncle Berny and Aunty, near Sandhurst Military Academy, will confirm. They share many memories, with my Cousin Geoff, now retired and sailing in the Med. The Sharps are Thatchers.
The above is from Robin's Bigger Picture page. white strip Old Soldier Harold Sharp Old Soldier Harold Sharp Old Soldier Harold Sharp

white strip Old Soldier Harold Sharp Robin talks to Uncle Bernie about Harold Sharp Robin talks to Uncle Bernie about Harold Sharp - the CD white strip

Stuff may be plugged in here, if and when Robin has the time ;-) white strip white strip

Then Vic Piercey ...

Robin Lovelock Vic Piercey This is an extract from Robin's "Vic" page, which, after this introduction, includes much more ...

Vic Piercey worked with me at EASAMS : I was there from 1981 until 1994. In the early 1980s he worked on the UKAIR Study and within my little Air Command & Control Group. I also visited Vic at his home in Claygate until quite recently. I realised then what interesting stories he had to tell, such as from about 1980, when he was working in Iran, on an Air Defence Radar system, and then how he helped guys from there, when the regime changed.

BUT, it was only when we got the invitation to the funeral that we realised he had almost made 102 ! BUT even more importantly, his remarkable RAF career, from 1937, through the whole of World War II - thanks to those lovely words below, from his son, Mike.

Let me highlight below a few points, that "pushed buttons" on me - and probably a few others, including Ex-EASAMS Guys . e.g. joined the RAF in January 1937 ! Working for UK MOD in 1960 and later ?

white strip

Then Dwight Eisenhaur .... below is an extract from the SHAPE Technical Centre & John Maniello page ...

Was NATO born in Sunninghill ?

Robin Lovelock General Eisenhower SACEUR The words, pictures, and links above have not changed much since I created this page in 2015, but in 2018, my wife June and I woke up to the probability that NATO was born in Sunninghill. I set up a new draft page, still under construction, on called "SACEUR, Snoopy, and Sunninghill . The NATO Alliance was not signed until 1949, and by that time, countries like Poland, who had military staff and Royalty near Sunninghill, was behind the Iron Curtain.

I am seeking declassified maps, that were probably Cosmic Top Secret (CTS), showing the locations of key headquarters. e.g. General Eisenhower, who became the first SACEUR, had his bunker in the middle of Sunninghill village.

The SHEWS map and images below are taken from . During my NATO days, in the 1970s, I spent much of my time with USAF and RAF, because the work involved military air operations. At EASAMS my work widened to the three services, and my CTS clearance was renewed. However, when I left EASAMS, I chose to do only unclassified work, with less need to keep secrets.

As Mrs Brown's friend said: "I can keep secrets; it's the friends I tell them to who can't" :-)

white strip white strip white strip

Less Serious Topics ...

Now for some less serious topics: Tap on that picture below to visit the BBC Radio Solent GPS Bottle tracking page . Years earlier we tracked them out to Holland :-)

BBC Radio Solent GPS Bottle Tracking white strip

See my Robin's "Bigger Picture" page that may spark interest in a few other topics. Also the "Chobham" and "Hobby" pages. e.g. that Trans-Atlantic model aircraft in 2003 :-) white strip

Hobby Hobby Hobby Hobby Hobby Hobby white strip

Snoopy's Robot boat to cross the Atlantic ? Tap on a picture below to visit the Snoopy page. Snoopy's first attempt, in 2012, was broadcast live on BBC TV :-)
Snoopy's Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat Snoopy's Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat Snoopy's Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat Snoopy's Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat white strip

Anyone want to make a robot boat to sail anywhere ? If someone can assemble those Micromites, designed in Australia, they are incredibly easy to program. Or you could simply use Robin's free Micromite Autopilot, and just add your own waypoints, in Latitude and Longitude, to make it sail around a local pond, at sea, or anywhere you like. Our problem is getting someone to make Micromites in quantity, and that probably won't happen unless some publicity creates an interest. Maybe we should provide a free Micromite, loaded with software, to a suitable journalist ? :-) Click on pictures to visit Robin's Micromite page . Snoopy and Robin got lots of publicity for Snoopy's 2012 Attempt to cross the Atlantic: Newspapers in UK, USA and New Zealand, and live BBC Radio Solent and BBC South TV. Visit the Snoopy Robot Boat page , and/or play those videos from 2012 :-) white strip Micromite Micromite micromite Micromite Snoopy's Robot boat in 2012 on BBC TV Utube video of Snoopy's 2012 Attempt on BBC TV Micromite white strip

Sailing ? I did a little sailing in the 1970s and 1980s, but several of my friends did MUCH more. e.g. Stuart Quarrie. Tap or Click on pictures to visit pages :-)

Sailing Sailing Sailing white strip Sailing Sailing white strip

Tap or Click on that picture below to visit the Filming Red Kites from the Air page - from back in 2005. They are now almost everywhere :-)

Filming Red Kites from the Air

Tapping on some pictures take you to other pages, with more detail on the topic - of little or great interest to some - depending on who you are. e.g. Old Cars :-)

Old Cars

white strip

Robin Lovelock as a baby "Art" is an important ingedient in creating a newspaper or magazine article, or a TV programme. Art was my first passion, from when I was a toddler, through primary and secondary school, shared with my chum Gus Russell. We also used to fish together, but that's another topic :-) When I was about 13 I became interested in technical things, leading to a career in Defence Systems. However Gus had an interesting life, and - unlike myself, who retired years ago - is still working: Gus uses "Storyboards" to help guys design things like an advertising campaign. Our paths sometimes cross, when he does something like give me a 70th Birthday Card, or I draw yet another cartoon, or a "portait" of Gus in the style of Felix Topolski. Below is an extract from my Blog page. I just LOVE that video :-)
Friday 19th November 2021: Pub Grub today. I received a link from my old chum Gus. That's my drawing on the left, in the style of Felix Topolski - but Gus was always a better artist than me. I did it for his Birthday Card - after that one he did for my 70th years ago. Visit his web site , to see what a professional can do ! :-) from Robin on Sunday 16th July 2023: Gus passed away earlier in July, but I would like to think his website above will remain, as a tribute to this remarkable Guy. That video is how I will remember him. Sleep well Gus.

Gus Russell by RLL Gus Russell Robin and Gus on 25 May 2017 white strip

Here are several of my cartoons from my Old Cartoon Page - which also includes the Spaghetti Trees, that bear fruit on 1st April each year :-)

cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon DF Hunter white strip

Global Warming, James Lovelock, and COVID19

Newsflash from Robin: I've just heard the sad news that James Lovelock died on 26th July 2022, his 103rd Birthday, due to complications from a fall.

Tap or Click on the picture below, to visit Robin Lovelock's Covid19.htm page. It is intended to both educate and amuse.

Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page Robin Lovelock's Covid19 page white strip James Lovelock Global Warming and James Lovelock

From Robin Lovelock: There is more in the piece about Global Warming and James Lovelock on my Grumpy page. Jim has his 103rd Birthday this year. Click on his picture for the Wiki article.

Few people still understand what Jim and that page have been saying for years.

"We can't stop Global Warming. but we may delay it by a few decades, to give us time to prepare for it's effects: vast areas of the World, including as close as continental Europe, becoming arid desert; shrinking of habitable areas of the planet to much smaller parts of the planet, closer to the Poles. The Earth will then only be able to support a small fraction of it's present population, and there will be the need for massive migration. Places like the UK will remain temporate a little longer, so will be an attractive destination. We need all World Governments to cooperate, to prepare for this inevitability; also to agree things like reduced use of fossile fuels, to give us a few more decades to prepare."

Click or tap here for the Guardian Newspaper article.
Global Warming and James Lovelock I love the quote, “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky, it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.": We all know what "it" is :-)

From Robin on Monday 27th July 2020: Jim's 101st birthday was yesterday. See the Guardian article published just before here . Great stuff :-)
Play the video below, on the left, for the BBC TV News on his 100th Birthday in 2019. On the right in 2020: ... on coronavirus and turning 101.

Global Warming and James Lovelock Stanley Johnson

Read the Grumpy page, to see the full piece, and in context. e.g. articles about the UK NHS and migrants. Maybe, with the experience of covid19, many nations will collaborate. Our short youtube video, above, to the right shows Robin, June, and Samantha, on "covid19 lockdown" in Sunninghill, promoting three books of Jim, including "the revenge of Gaia". Click on the important Grumpy Old Man on the right to know more about him. Today seemed a good day to mention him here, publicly. Of course, he could be a topic of discussion on my Google Group below ;-)

white strip

Since 1946, the Law demands that the UK Government pay ALL costs of long term care - "Health Care" & "Social Care"

Tap or Click on any picture below to visit and discover the facts. It was in the newspapers and on TV years ago, but very few people know that, under the Law, since 1946, the UK Government, through the NHS, must pay ALL costs of care, including that of accomodation. That includes Care Homes. picture picture picture picture picture

white strip

Mental Health - many of us are a bit crazy :-)

Yes, I've been crazy all my life, and some of the guys I admire most are, in my opinion, even crazier :-) Mental Health is obviously not a laughing matter, when it becomes a problem - not "issue" please, and the root causes are alcoholism, drug abuse, physical problems, trauma such as within a war zone, or how you have been mistreated. I like to think that my "Bluebell Ward" pages, linked off , published at the end of 2015, helped in famous people "Coming Out" on the subject, and it getting sympathetic publicity in news media, such as BBC TV. I'm still pleased with what I wrote on my Home page on 10th April 2015 and on 9th May 2015 . Some may apply to events in 2022 :-)

Robin Lovelock with beard Robin Lovelock and Bluebell Ward Forced medication MASH Shrink white strip

Tap or Click on pictures below to go to the relevant page. I have a clear concience, despite having worked most of my life in the "Defence Business".

I joined Ferranti Digital Systems in Bracknell and while going through Apprentice Training School, Workshops, Wiring Shops, Drawing Office, Laboratories, and Software Division, in my 6 month "Industrial Training", I spent the other half of the years 1965-1969 at City University, London . Projects while at University included Artificial Inteligence (AI) and Conversational Computing on the historic Ferranti Pegusus - dating back to 1949 and the UK's invention of the Digital Computer at Bletchley Park. My workmate in 1970, Nigel, has, in recent years, provided equipment for that historic place ;-)

City Uni Ferranti City Uni Ferranti Ferranti Ferranti white strip

In 1971 I got a well-paid job as a NATO Scientist, at SHAPE Technical Centre in Holland. This speeded up my marriage to June. See my "NATO" page Memories of SHAPE Technical Centre and John Maniello . We were in Holland 1971-1979 and our first daughters were born there. We learnt some Dutch :-)

NATO Days 1971-1970 NATO Days 1971-1970 NATO Days 1971-1970 NATO Days 1971-1970 NATO Days 1971-1970 white strip

We returned to England, and I worked for EASAMS in Frimley from 1981 until 1994, by which time I had started our own business, Sunninghill Systems , that provided GPS Tracking and SatNav software Worldwide, into 153 countries. That's when I set up my first web site . I was recruited by EASAMS ( Elliot Automation and Advanced Military Systems ), in 1980, to assist them moving into the C3I marketplace. That's Command, Control and Intelligence Systems. The guys around me had, or were, working on World-leading things like TSR2, Tornado, and other things like Nuclear Submarines, and things that I seem to have forgotten ;-)

EASAMS Days 1980-1994 white strip

Sunninghill Systems I started Sunninghill Systems in about 1992, in anticipation of the financial collapse of the GEC-Marconi group of companies, that included EASAMS . By some fluke of fate, the task of submitting the "Future Sales Prospects" of the whole GEC-Marconi group, landed on my desk. We had already recently lost three EASAMS Managing Directors, and many guys within GEC-Marconi were being made redundant. EASAMS was the only profitable part of the group. e.g. contracts like ADCIS ( 100 million GBP ), and Malaysia ( 1000 million GBP ). Some journalist do not understand the difference between "million" and "billion" ! 1 billion = 1000 million :-) GBP = Great Britain Pounds Sterling. Does "Money Make the World Go round" ? Our early contracts included the Demonstrator for B.T. Labs at Martlesham Heath, and the "Panthertracks" system, for the UK Atomic Energy Police Constabulary. Many UK and overseas contracts followed, for Military, Police, Business, and the Consumer. All business Partners were remote, in over 150 countries, by use of the Net after about 1995, exploiting telephone, Fax, email, and my first web site . By FAR the most important thing, was my making so many friends in so many countries. e.g. see my GPSS Links Pages . There is a LOT of Wisdom out there, especially in the heads of Grumpy Old Men ;-) Some friends were exploited when I set up my Covid19 page. In recent years, my priority is hobby and charitable activity. If I accepted money, it would damage my ability to do this. Who looks at an Advert or listens to a Salesman, unless it is done very well ? ;-)

Sunninghill Systems Sunninhill Systems Sunninhill Systems Sunninhill Systems Sunninhill Systems white strip

Important Message from Robin Lovelock ...

Robin Lovelock See those important words at the end, of what I spend my time on - mostly trying to get others to do the work - whatever "work" is :-)

See Robin's "More" page , with links to over 100 pages, including newsletters. Many have "raw material" that could be used to good effect ;-)

Particularly for journalists: You will find it easy to get my Contact details, unchanged and public for decades. If you pass these to a colleage, asking them to contact me, please make sure you give them the link to this page. i.e. Robin's "Press" page on . It has been known for us to be contacted by guys, looking for information, to be passed back to the guy wishing to create an "exclusive story". Hence, our typical first response, if receiving a lot of emails and/or 'phone calls, is something like, "What page were you looking at, and when was it last updated ?" :-)

white strip

Robin's Youtube Channels: "a picture says more than a thousand words" - a video can say even more ? :-)

Tap or Click on the snapshot, below and left, to visit Robin's main Youtube channel: These were the latest of over 450.

You can quickly scroll through them, hover over to "get the flavour", then Tap or Click on it to play. You can use the time-line to quickly sample content.

The automatic subtitles should translate into any language. Most of the videos may be boring, but not all :-)

The Snapshot to the right, takes you to "Robin3" , which often has raw UNEDITED video. Robin sometimes uses his other Youtube channels to work around problems in his PCs at home, or problems created by the "big guys" like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, etc, etc - who often rely on "little guys" spread around the World ;-)

white strip UT Channel snapshot UT Channel snapshot for Robin3 white strip

Hot Air Ballons, starting with Samsung in 1996 through to the Birthday Flight in 2007.

Hot Air Balloons See the GPSS on Balloons page. Our interest in hot air balloons began in 1996, when Ian Ashpole of Flying Pictures, contacted us. They were helping Samsung Computers promote their products with a suitably shaped hot air balloon. Ian's bright idea was to put our GPS Software into a Samsung Laptop PC, using GPS, and "Sensitve Areas" data, that tells balloonists where NOT to fly. These had been printed on Ordnance Survey maps, but were soon automated and in the air.

GPSS on Pocket PCC video We were contacted by balloonists in UK and other countries, and we had many an enjoyable trip, chasing guys to their landing spots, aided with GPSS in "chase" mode, helped by pioneering chaps like Klaus in Germany. We soon had the balloon "sensitve areas" in the Pocket PC version of GPSS.

However, we did not have our own hot air balloon flight until years later, when we were given a flight with "Reach For The Sky" as a special birthday present. This was a fantastic experience. Forgive me showing this attempt at a promotional video - it does at least have a glimpse filmed from our balloon flight.

June and I still cannot resist chasing a hot air balloon when we see one ! :-)

white strip Hot Air Balloons Hot Air Balloons Hot Air Balloons Hot Air Balloons Hot Air Balloons

Who can get Robin's free old GPS Software working under Chrome and/or Android Operating Systems ? :-)

Robin Lovelock Running Robin's GPS Software under DOSBOX from Robin Lovelock in April 2022: I must stress that I do NOT not wish to make money in getting my old DOS ( SSDEMO.EXE ), Windows ( GPSS.EXE ), or Pocket PC ( GPSSPPC.EXE ) GPS Software running on modern Operating Systems.

Someone else can do that, if they wish ;-)

I do retain Intelectual Property and Copyright on this software, some of which dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. However, in April 2022, I stumbled on DOSBOX, and saw that it might be a very easy exercise - for somebody else to do - and tell us all how they did it ;-)

Click on the picture on the right to expand and read the DOSBOX screen.

At least one of my friends has GPSS running under an Apple Operating System ;-)

Click on pictures below to visit the Barossa Operation page. All that was done by SSDEMO.EXE under DOS. Later software, like GPSS.EXE ran under Windows in order to exploit voice recognition software. Barossa Operation Barossa Operation Barossa Operation Barossa Operation

My free GPS Software, and free mapping for 153 countries, can be downloaded from my Download page. Much of the mapping is compressed into self-extracting DOS .EXE files. Tapping or Clicking on the pictures below will take you to my Download page, in which these pictures appear. Have fun ! :-) GPSS Downloads GPSS Downloads GPSS Downloads GPSS Downloads

white strip

Robin's "Windsor Care" page & Dr John Raffetto's Concept to Help the NHS ...

Robin Lovelock Dr John Raffetto from Robin Lovelock on 13th July 2023: Yea ! I put this new section down the bottom, so you had to scroll past all those other stories :-) It filters out the guys who don't have the right tools for the job ( see Robin's "Can You See" page ) and it increases the chances of someone picking up on one or more of the other stories :-)

Here is Robin's "Windsor Care" page on <- Tap or Click on this link, or on Dr John on the right --->

Tap or Click on pictures below, to expand or play, and maybe arouse your curiosity or interest. Visit the page above ? :-)

Robin strongly reccomends that you play that video below of the amazing Pam Coughlan. June and Robin had a lovely chat to Pam on the 'phone, on 13th July 2023, and hope to see her again soon. That video of Robin on BBC "The Politics Show" at least shows you how to do the job properly ;-)

white strip STC STC Utube video Utube video white strip

How much time does Robin Lovelock spend on his computers ? As little as possible ! :-)

12th February 2021 The answer to the question, "How much time does Robin spend on his computers ?" IS "As little as possible !" :-)

12th February 2021 Tap or Click on pictures to expand, including that one on the right, also taken on 12th February 2021, showing June and myself enjoying the blisteringly hot English sunshine despite all that ice ;-)

It's certainly true that, since I retired, decades ago, I've been busier than ever. There just are not enough hours in the day for the things that I would like to do, which are mostly spending time with friends. But of course, thousands of my friends are overseas, or not a short distance, so chatting on the Net, typically by Email, has been an important part of my life for 25 years or more.

Covid19 breaking out in early 2020 has made use of the Net more important for everyone, including those who only use one of many Online Forums or Social Media tools such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and countless others. My Contact page has a clearer and more detailed explanation of how we use our many computers, from the desktops, like this in my Study and our lounge, through many Laptops and Tablets, to the handheld Smartphones, or pendants and smart watches.

Robin's mobile 'phone is NOT smart :-) Robin's Pocket Cam GPS pendant Robin's Pocket Pal GPS pendant The mobile 'phone that I carry with me is NOT smart. It is just for voice calls or short SMS texts. I also routinely carry more advanced things like my "Pocket Pal" or "Pocket Cam" pendant trackers, so trusted friends may track me, or might even have a hand's free voice conversation, or send pictures, now commonplace with smartphones. I do not enjoy "playing with technology", but I enjoy the results it can provide: more efficient use of my time, and that of my large numbers of friends and family.

Robin's mobile Alcatel U5 is smart and cheap :-) Since 1995 my web pages, linked off my Home page of have been an important means of communication, with relevant text, pictures, videos, and links. Yes, I do have a LOT of pages, and sometimes I have to resort to searching my hard disks, or even google to find an old but important page. I have 825 *.htm web pages - that only took me several seconds to find out, using that old DOS command "dir *.htm /s" ! :-) so I'm guessing that's over 800 useful pages, most of which are public.

I usually find what I'm looking for, to provide a link within an emailed answer to friend, with just a few minutes search of my web pages, or emails, going back to 1995. In short, my time is precious, so I've always liked to use it efficiently - if not wisely ;-)

For 25 years my daily routine has been to check, answer, and send emails; Check some of my page visit counters - which often give me a few hours warning of a peak in 'phone calls or emails; Update some of my pages, which happens less often, but like this "Bigger Picture" page, can save everyone time, or uncover lovely coincidences, like discovering friends who share a common interest they did not know existed. e.g. in 2020 we discovered that a Primary School friend, from the 1950s, whose career was in the Building business,as an apprentice, did work on TSR2, mentioned on my EASAMS page ! :-)

Who has visited this page ?

Robin Lovelock From Robin: It's very convenient for me, that there are so few visitors to this page: just those given the link. See map and words near end of my Home page ;-)

Visit Counter after reply to Microtransat Group The visit counters may give a rough indication on who else is visiting, or has visited, this page. I don't hide or disguise my visits, but they may appear as "Ascot", or miles away, like "Lightwater" or even "Southend-on-Sea, England" (on my Lounge PC), or "High Wycombe" or "West-Drayton, England" ( on the Study PC). Positions may not be accurate, but times are. These may change at any time, without control by me. e.g. if we have a power cut, or I reboot a router. So, you may see if I'm "working" in the Study, or "relaxing" in Lounge :-)

Not all visits are seen, and some browsers hide location, but you may find Revolvermaps livestats for this "Press" page of interest.

The video on the right shows several guys visiting my Covid19 page , shortly after I posted the link to the Microtransat forum, linked from the Snoopy Robot Boat page.

That's right - Hobby activity and Charitable Causes, rather than earning money. Us Grumpy old men sometimes find that, "there are just not enough hours in the day" ;-)

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