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Campion Family Memories (Under Construction) Last update 1115 22/3/2019.

Robin Lovelock Hi Sally and Becky. and whoever we give the link to. I've thrown together this page, still hidden from anyone other than who we give the link to. But remember that nothing is truely hidden on the Net, so best treat it as public when choosing stuff. e.g. pictures of Prinz. I'm looking forward to finding better quality images, and getting the layout better on other than my wide PC screen.

Memories of Michael obviously dominate our thoughts now, and I just love your poem, which I've added here. I love the Michaelsmemories site you have set up.

Over the coming days we can make changes, add pictures and memories, perhaps in reverse chronological order Maybe, at some future time, you will both choose for it to found by anyone, searching on things like "Campion Family".

Why those translation flags ? It may raise a smile to see how they handle your poem :-)

"Memories of Michael" by Sally Campion ...

Michael and Sally  and Becky Campion Though the lines I wrote for you, were years ago and are not new,
They still explain some of how I love for you is very real.
Whether we were snorkelling side by side, or just off out for a little ride,
I know that I don’t want to end days and nights with my best friend.
So when you see the verses here, I hope I’ve made it very clear
I appreciate everything you did for me, from caring words to toast and tea!
I love you so, that at this time I had to add to this little Rhyme
You were so special, and such fun.... even without the sun.
We appreciated everything we’ve got...felt like millionaires...though we’re not.
Sometimes life can get crappy..But sharing it made us happy...

Starting life in ‘42, nothing ordinary for you!
An army jeep where you were born, in the midst of a snow storm!
Raised for three years thru the war, ration books for 12 years or more.
Help with chores at end of day, before allowed to go and play.
Racing through the fields so near, and scrumping apples with no fear.
Peeling spuds with crafty fag..caught by dad was such a drag.
Taking everything to bits ,then knowing where it all would fit.
Mending bikes, then cars for fun, getting broken ones to run.
You soon progressed to planes and saw your aptitude come to the fore.
Knew your dad just couldn’t hide his sense of enormous pride
When touring with important faces saw you put engines through their paces.

Michael and Sally Campion Who’d have thought it when we started…that we still would not be parted!
I’d known for ages you were great, suppose some would call it fate,
That after recommending you to our friend, I should be with you in the end!
Back in 1973……..a glance…..a chat ……you danced with me.
That started something so fantastic, that nothing, however drastic,
Has managed to dissolve the glue, that kept me firmly attached to you!
For years we’ve been side by side, sometimes a very bumpy ride!
So my darling let’s not forget, the times we’ve shared, the friends we’ve met,
The many places we have been, and wonderful things that we have seen.

And best of all , joy of our days, our precious girl we began to raise.
We have loved to watch her grow, seen her hobbies come and go,
Gym, Badgers, Brownies, to name a few, and some she’s shared with me and you
Like swimming from the age of five, then quickly learning how to dive.
Riding lessons from age seven, disco dancing from age eleven
We have enjoyed her little face, tried to keep up the pace,
Shared the worry when she was sick, or her friends were in the Nick!

Your dream of a Spanish home from which we could explore and roam
Was realised in 2003,and was so special for you and me.
Another life began from there, we really were a lucky pair
Made good friends to share the fun of cafes and beaches in the sun.
You loved to drive your little car around the lanes both near and far.
A really special treat would be, a day aboard Dave n Daffs at sea
With Darren Jeanette Tracy and Pat each feeling like an aristocrat!

Michael with baby Becky Campion Becky soon became our rock, helping with each little knock,
Thank goodness for the last few years; she’s shared our laughter and our tears
Been there each day with loving care, for all our daily lives to share
As long as all the while, she was there to make us smile.
We tried to cope with all life throws…… usually more highs than lows.

Steve and Linda we love you two, and appreciate all you say and do...
And all those that kept in touch, we knew you loved him very much;
Too many friends to mention here, we’re sure a few will shed a tear
If you can take a little time doesn’t have to be in rhyme
To write your favourite memory and then to just email me
We can read and gather this to share with all and reminisce

Love you for ever
Sally and Becky

Pictures, going back in time ...

Some will expand if you click on them. Robin will add some here from his Lovelock Family page, and the Christmas Newsletters. Many of the best are yet to come.

Michael, Becky and Sally - Robin's sister. From 2016 Newsletter : Gary and Saskia seem worried that their dog Prince will steal the cake after the drink ! ( click on pictures to expand )

Michael, Becky and Sally Campion with Prince and Lovelocks white Lovelocks and Campions Michael and Sally Campion in Portman, Spain Lovelocks and Campions white strip

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