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Love and Strength to all who suffer in the World. See our 2023 Christmas Newsletter. e.g. more videos :-)

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Robin and June, the Lovelock Family, & Sunninghill

Little changes on this very old page other than the newsletters below, and - more recently - the videos above. Some, like Walks take you to more pictures and videos.

Lovelock family trees ? Robin's branch was known as the "Clapham Junction" part, in 2004, after he published his Lovelock page. See pages 12 & 13 of Lovelock Lines .
See . Start on . Robin's branch, now known as "St Pancras (Main) Tree" is here , with a copy here . Web sites & people come and go :-)

See our 2022 Christmas Newsletter for last year's news. See 2021 Christmas Newsletter affected by Covid19 , as was the 2020 Newsletter . There is also the 2019 Newsletter and 2018 Newsletter . Our 2017 Christmas Newsletter mentioned the sad passing away of Jack, but celibrates the man and his life. See Robin's Jack Ponsford page.

The 2016 Christmas Newsletter said, "The year ended on a high: here's to a good 2017 too !". You may like the 20 year flash-back in our 1998 Christmas Newsletter :-)
Pages created or updated in 2016: Wheelbarrow, Sapphire, Toy Boat, Garden, Klaus, AMRA, Bigger Picture.

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2021 update: See Robin's Bigger Picture Page for what he spends his time on :-)
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Checkout Robin and June's hot air balloon flight on 1st September 2007.
For more pictures and history of Sunninghill in Berkshire, UK please click here.
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Michelle asked for this link to be added for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity
Michelle offers accommodation in Coventry near Warwick University :
Robin's mobile car mechanic friend Gary's is hosted on F9 , Easily , NPL , Virgin , and here .
Why put family pictures on a business web site ? - Robin's open approach to business

both of us cat bear and fish Hi ! Welcome to the Lovelock "family" pages, for our many friends inside and outside the UK.

We started these pages, many years ago, because it's nice to know with whom you may be considering doing business. Over the years I've found these family pages helpful in getting new business contacts to overcome their shyness in telling me who they really are !

But in 2012 I officially "retired" - although June says I did that ten years earlier ! :-)

Many of the pictures below were taken years ago, when this web site was new, and I had a moustache, but some are more recent - like those on the pages linked above. Here is June and myself on the left, and on the right is our cat Ginger being "wound up" by one of our many toys.

Much of the text below was written in about 1997, I think, and is still mostly true. We have all grown a little older, of course, but the women remain as lovely as ever ;-)

But here are two recent pictures, from our 2021 Christmas Newsletter , including that on June's Birthday, and then at Robin's sister Sally's place, with daughter Becky.

Becky, Sally, and Lovelock family Becky, Sally, and Lovelock family white

From 2016 Newsletter : Michael, Becky and Sally - Robin's sister. Gary and Saskia seem worried that their dog Prince will steal the cake after the drink !

Michael, Becky and Sally Campion

Saskia, Scott, Michelle, Robin, June and Samantha at Christmas 2003.
all of us at Christmas 2003

Samantha in Central Park, taken by June on their trip to New York in 2001, not long after 911. Samantha in Central Park, NY

Mum & Dad Mum & Dad Robin's dad Len passed away peacefully at home in January 2002, and this poem, which echos Len's philosophy, was read at his service: "You can shed tears that they have gone, Or you can smile because they have lived. You can close your eyes and pray that they'll come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that they have left. Your heart can be empty because you cannot see them, Or you can be full of love that they have shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live for yesterday, Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember them, and ache that they have gone, Or you can cherish their memory and let them live on. You can cry, and close your mind, be empty, and turn your back. Or you can do what they would want, Smile, open your eyes, love and go on." Robin's mother Evelyn Lovelock passed away at Holyport Lodge Nursing Home on Monday 24th February 2003. Robin's charity site is dedicated to Eve and Len Lovelock. You may see how the poem was used in Len's funeral service near the end of the Len Lovelock page.

I had several enquiries on the source of this poem, after something similar was used in the service for the Queen Mother. People found this family page with search engines. I asked Jan Francis, the humanist officient who suggested this poem, before she conducted the service for dad. Unfortunately she could not remember where she saw it. Thanks Chris Ross in UK, and more recently Brian Ritter in the USA, for information on the origin of this poem. It seems the original, entitled "Remember Me", was inspired by an unrequited love, and written by David Harkins in 1981. Many believe, as we do, that the re-write for various memorial services has improved it. It is interesting that David Harkins was born on 14th November 1958 and my father Leonard Lovelock was born on 14th November 1915.

This added in October 2023, after Robin's sister Sally found this old photo - from 1999 ? That's Robin, June, Samantha, Becky, Saskia, Michelle, Len, Eve, and Sally :-)

1999 ?

This picture has been here much longer: Len, Samantha, Eve, Becky, Saskia, Michelle, June, Sally. Late 1980s ? You can see the kids were a lot younger :-)

when ?

The following was written a few years ago..... probably started in 1996 and last updated in 1998 ... I'm not changing it now :-)

June and Robin Lovelock GPSS is the brainchild of Robin Lovelock, who describes himself as a "not so mad scientist". Until 1995 his career had been in advanced military computer systems. He "cut his teeth" on computers in the '60s, worked for ten years as a senior scientist at an overseas NATO Research Establishment, then returned to the UK and worked for 13 years with a British Defence Contractor. He has always been involved in software, the largest project of which was 20 million within a 100 million project for which he was the System Design Manager. However, he knows that, in the world of software, big is not normally best. He started his own small GPS Software business, "Sunninghill Systems" at the end of 1994. Sunninghill Systems is a small family business based in Sunninghill, near Ascot in England. For the home and office address, please visit the CONTACT Page.

June, Robin, Cat

Robin and his wife June run the business, but their three daughters - all computer literate - take an active part. All of the business is confined to the supply of software for GPS based systems. They only supply software, and as a matter of policy will not supply hardware. Robin is however, happy to provide free, objective advice on the selection of hardware, or the design of a total system solution. The intention is to develop links with other companies better able to supply hardware or systems. Please see the HISTORY Page for more detail, including the Business Strategy of Sunninghill Systems.

TV Filming at 22

The Lovelocks live in Sunninghill, a small village about 25 miles west of London near to Ascot (where the Queen watches her Race Horses) and Sunningdale (where June's Dad plays golf). The most famous residents in Sunninghill are probably the Duke and Duchess of York (Andrew and Fergie) who live in a large house on the other side of the village. This picture of 22 Armitage Court - a somewhat smaller house - was taken late in 96 during preperation for Television filming of the 'Put It to the Test' programme, starring our local bobbies.

Lovelock Family

You may notice Robin's general scruffy appearance in these pictures. He has been known to have a shave and put on a tie when someone visits to discuss business. Occasionally he may even don a suit - to appear on Television or support a Prime Contractor's meeting with a potential customer. This is apparently a reaction to over 25 years wearing a suit and tie in the Defence Industry. From the left : Samantha, Robin, Michelle holding Bella the cat, June and Saskia. GPS and PC were not far away.


Michelle, the youngest at 16, takes after her Father in technical interests and untidiness. This picture on the left was taken a couple of years back, but Michelle doesn't look a great deal different now - except for shooting up as tall as her mum. Robin was requested to put up a picture of Michelle by her pen pals - thankfully not her email pals (yet). Her elder two sister are Saskia (19 on the left) and Samantha (23) are pictured here when on their trip to the USA last year to stay with friends in Rochester. Saskia is now at University reading for a BA in Economics, and Samantha is working for an agency. She continues with her hobby of learning Japanese, and passed her O Level in Japanese last year (despite this it is not Samantha's voice used for Japanese speech - but that of her Japanese teacher).

All of us The picture on the right is now a few years old - that's Michelle in the striped suit in the front - but it is still one of Robin's favourites. It was taken (remotely) by his sister Sally. From left to right these happy people are, at the back, Len - Robin's Dad, Sally, Saskia, Michael - Sally's Husband, Eve - Robin's Mum, and Becky - Sally and Michael's daughter. In the front row are June, Michelle, Samantha and Robin.

Saskia and Samantha Hippy

The picture on the right shows Robin in his preferred clothes for formal business meetings with overseas customers. It was taken in November '98 prior to Robin and June going to a 60's disco, organised by Armitage Court Residents Association in Sunninghill Village Hall.

June and Robin

- and finally here is a picture taken on one of those rare occasions when Robin relented and put on a suit and tie again. It is true that he put on weight during the 80's while working in the Defence Industry. It is not true that this was due to too many business lunches. It is also not true that the reason he now tends to dress casually is because his suits no longer fit him. Thank you for looking at these pictures. They are partly in response to requests from old and new friends in far flung parts of the World, and partly because it's always nice to know with whom you are considering doing business.

Charter's School Jacks 80th For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, and want to see even more pictures from our family album - including a few of Sunninghill (from the ground and the air) then all you have to do is click here for Sunninghill.

Here is a snap of the comet over Sunninghill taken a few years ago - and for camera men : 200 ASA colour print film, 50 mm lens at f1.8, open for about 60 seconds.

The Comet

The Lovelock family

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