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Japanese Translation Project

Updated 0900 Saturday 5th February 2000

If you are doing translation work - please check this page regularly.
We do not want you to waste effort doing what someone else is doing.

This page is for those helping Robin with translation into Japanese.

Those with an interest in Project

These are people who have said they may be able to help.
Daisuke Mitsui, Shigeo Akagi, Kasuo Katoh, Toshi Takeushi, and their families.

Work in Progress

Robin has set up this page to avoid duplication of work.
When people volunteer to do work, Robin will update this page.
Robin is waiting for volunteers to say what work they will do.

Shigeo and his family have done all the WAV files, which are now in JAPATRAN.EXE.
Many Thanks from Robin ! :-)

Toshi has started work on TRANSLAT.TXT (see details below).

We need volunteers to help Toshi (TRANSLAT.TXT is a big job) or do one of the two other jobs:
- make a Japanese INSTRUPA.BMP
- translate GPSS.HLP (or GPSS.TXT in v4.92 of GPSS) This should be the latest text from v4.92 of GPSS.

The Japanese speech in GPSS had not been changed for 5 years (GPSS always spoke English and Japanese, since when the first version was released in 1995). This means that many sounds (in WAV files) were missing - such as new facilities for Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) added in more recent years. Also, other files like TRANSLAT.TXT used to translate the displayed speech, are missing.

The easiest way to see what sounds are missing is to run the Ascot demonstration, speaking Japanese. The B key makes GPSS speak English, anf J makes it Jump to the next language - Japanese. Where you hear Robins voice - that is a missing WAV file.

For a list of important sounds, visit the Sounds Page

- but now, thanks to Shigeo and his family - all the sounds are there :-)

TRANSLAT.TXT is a long list of phrases, ending in individual words, in English - as spoken by GPSS - and in the other language - in this example Dutch.

NO NEED TO TRANSLATE ALL the expressions. As with WAV sounds, those that are included will be translated. So best to start with the common expressions and words.

Here is the example, so you see what I mean. In the middle of TRANSLAT.TXT is the translation (in Dutch) for "OK I'll be quiet"
OK I'll be quiet=Oke, ik houd mijn mond

GPSS scans TRANSLAT.TXT before displaying the speech bar, and converts any text it sees in the list. So in Dutch it would display "Oke, ik houd mijn mond"

to make it display the Japanese phrase it would need to be "OK Watashi was shizuka desu" (if Samantha got it correct) So the line in TRANSLAT.TXT would be
OK I'll be quiet=OK Watashi was shizuka desu

The Japanese text above is in Romanji - which only uses European characters. It is possible that this could be in the Hirogami Japanese font, in the same way as the Russian GPSS TRANSLAT.TXT uses cyrillic characters.

The new JAPATRAN.EXE below now has TRANSLAT.TXT but with almost only English. But we have added the "OK I'll be quiet" line above, so if you hit the Q key, you will see "OK Watashi was shizuka desu" displayed.

After we have done this work above, Robin will be happy to work on GPSS.EXE changes to handle things like Kanji display.

If you can help, please contact Robin on

For mapping of Japan, you must visit the Asia Download Page

Translation Downloads

JAPATRAN.EXE should be downloaded into c:\japanese and run to self-extract into the Japanese files. Copy LANGUAGE.CFG to c:\gpss04 if you want GPSS to start up in Japanese speech.

DOWNLOAD JAPATRAN.EXE (1,294,413 bytes) updated 5 Feb 2000