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GPS Software on Laptop, Pocket PC and Smartphone. Click here for our 2012 Newsletter! :-) GPSS, the GPS Software from Sunninghill click here for the ASONTV page

This GPS Software pioneered navigation and remote tracking for military, police, business and public, before 1990.
GPS Software from Sunninghill, for GPS Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav) and remote tracking systems.
Free GPS Software and maps for Laptop & Pocket PC running Microsoft Windows in over 150 countries.

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white strip Robin Lovelock in Sunninghill Click here for page on robot boat to cross Atlantic from UK to USA From Robin Lovelock: I officially retired in 2012, but my wife June says that I retired 10 years before ! began in 1995 for my GPS Software business - now a hobby. Millions of copies of GPSS had already been distributed on PC Magazine CD. Over 10,600 people in 153 countries contacted me then used GPSS. SatNav was very new then, and GPSS did much more. e.g. Radio Direction Finding and AVL / Chase . GPSS spoke your language. e.g. Russian or Japanese. Some pages are still updated. e.g. Snoopy's attempts to cross the Atlantic from UK to USA, almost every year since 2012. See Snoopy's Robot Sailing Boat or click on the changing picture to the right. Since 2002, I maintain the Coughlan Campaign Charity site, helping people in the UK to use the Law to get free long term care from the NHS, and not have to pay for the care home. I also have inside knowledge into UK NHS mental health treatment. See my Grumpy page, with my personal views on World events. Much of has changed little over more than 30 years. Since I retired, I'm too busy for paid work. Visit my Bigger Picture page, to see how we spend time. e.g. Hobbies and Holidays or Walks :-) white strip

Dr Strangelove Cockleshell Heroes I entered Defence Industry as an apprentice in the mid 1960s. Ferranti sent me to City University for a B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. That's where I saw Dr Strangelove . I became a Systems Engineer, and work included Royal Navy ship software. I worked for SHAPE as a NATO scientist through the 1970s, when GPS and the Internet were secret. See Robin's memories of SHAPE Technical Centre and John Manniello . Our young family returned to the UK in late 1980 and I worked for EASAMS until starting our small GPS Software business in 1994 - now a hobby. In publicity about Snoopy's Robot Boat, the Press called me a "Retired NATO Scientist". Perhaps that should be "Mad Retired NATO Scientist" :-) white strip

Utube video Click here for Radio Direction Finding (RDF) with GPS See ASONTV and my Youtube channels Robin1 , Robin2 , and Robin3 . Or just Search Youtube for me.
The bigger list of my pages are here - but you could get lost ! I help friends who help me or other friends ;-)

This GPS Software pioneered navigation and remote tracking for military, police, business, and the public.

See how to navigate with this GPS Software (GPSS). then download and run it on your PC to see a demonstration.
Run GPSS on a Laptop or Pocket PC with a GPS, and this same GPS Software will work for real. Others might get it to work on other Operating Systems, such as Android, Chrome OS, Apple, Unix. See download :-)
Need a GPS ? click on GPS for advice. See Robin's new toy: the Linx 8 and GPSS with Speech Input.

See Amateur Radio and Radio Direction Finding pages. e.g. tracking a radio transmitter. See picture on the right. Techys can add mapping to GPSS. e.g. from Bing and Google maps; sounds for spoken guidance. "It's like having a little friend in the car with you" :-) Make GPSS speak other languages. white strip

Click here for GPS Software on Pocket PC Sunninghill Geocachers on BBC World in 2001

Click here for GPS Software chase to a tracked target

Tried Geocaching ? "GPS Teasure Hunting" started in 2000. Great fun ! :-)
"Speed Trap ! Watch your speed !" - see the speed warning page.

See AVL/CHASE page for remote tracking, including fleet management and security applications.

The last software update was GPSS Baseline v6.97 November 2011 with GPSSppc v14 for Pocket PC based Smartphones.

"where is the book ?" See User Guide to GPSSppc for Pocket PC and GPSS Guide for Windows.

GPS tracking of people near BBC TV Centre Video of GPSS the Free GPS Software GPSS can track and control multiple vehicles from a fixed or mobile PC, by use of mobile 'phone, radio or satellite communications.

The objects tracked may be vehicles, people, boats, or even bottles. They may be many miles away, but seen on mapping for 164 countries - right down to "house level" maps. GPSS can be used in "chase" mode, guiding the driver to a mobile target. See AsOnTV for UK police doing this in 1996. Play this video to see what else this free GPS Software can do.

Robin Lovelock You will see that I am extremely "up front" about who we are, and our GPS Software business since 1995 - now a hobby :-)

Click here to see GPS Navigation with the GPS Software See my business page. Big resources are not needed to give people permission to use GPSS, or make the occasional software change. I've worked in larger companies and on larger projects than most people, and have no need to pretend what I am not. I greatly respect others who are able to be equally "up front" about themselves and their own business - however small it is - so don't be shy :-)

I would like to thank the many thousands of "enthusiasts" around the World who helped us test and improve GPSS. This was a family business, but it is still a great network of friends. Thankyou.

© 1991-2024 Robin Lovelock.
Robin Lovelock, Sunninghill Systems, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, United Kingdom.

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