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Christmas 2019 Newsletter from the Lovelock Family in Sunninghill on

June with her surprise Christmas present: saucey underwear :-) Seasons Greetings All ! We'll start this year's Christmas Newsletter with a photo from last year's : June's violent reaction to her Christmas present of saucey underwear from Robin.

The year started with the Wheelbarrow Race.

2019 Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race

Samantha took a holiday in Mauritius to coincide with her birthday in early March, and June did not need much persuasion to go with her :-) Robin enjoyed making contact with old "GPSS Friend" from 20 years ago, Jacques Gentil , putting them in touch. Meanwhile Robin spent time back home with his "Last of the Summer Wine" Team.

On 10th April Robin attended the 50th Annivesary Celebration of City University , making contact with old student friends he had not seen since 1969. white strip City Uni robot Holiday in Sicily: We flew out by Easyjet on Tuesday 7th May and returned to England on Wednesday 22nd May. We started and ended our stay at our favorite Hotel La Riva in Giardini Naxos, and hired a little Fiat Panda from Europacar. We also spent a few nights in Scoglitti and Noto, and with our friends Enrico and Matilde in Fleri, near Zefferana. The highlight must have been our two nights with them on the island of Volcano. We actually got to climb to the edge of the volcano itself ! :-) More photos and a video are on the Sicily in May 2019 page, linked from the Holiday page.

white strip Snoopy's Launch Team near Boscombe Pier Peter's plot of all Snoopy's June 2019 Attempt Snoopy's Robot Boat trans-Atlantic Attempt of June 27, ending in Lulworth Cove on 4th July: Details are here , linked from the Snoopy page.

Snoopy's team at Boscombe Pier: Peter, Dick, June, and Robin.

Dick did the launch, wading into much higher surf then expected. Snoopy did amazingly well, coping with strong wind from the east, and not being carried onto the shore to the west. It seems the rudder broke off early in the mission. Everyone could track Snoopy's SPOT movements, and it seemed he was heading for France.

Dick got a Ferry, with bicycle, but Snoopy changed his mind, as the wind changed, and returned to the English south coast. By then Dick had caught a return ferry, and he, with Peter, were able to photograph Snoopy's arrival near Durdle Door (See below - no rudder !). Jo, the friendly fisherman saw and picked up Snoopy, and handed the boat over at Lulworth Cove. We could all see where Snoopy was, including below deck in the fishing boat :-) Boat 11 without rudder Peter returned Snoopy to his home in Sunninghill, so Robin could make repairs, including a new rudder. Snoopy Sloop 11 can make another attempt next year ! :-)

Robin "over did it" again in 2019, as he had during and after Snoopy's 2015 Atlantic Attempt. He took on too much, including helping friends with far more serious problems. The result was a two week enforced holiday in Farnham Road Hospital "funny farm", where he made new friends and gained more insight into UK mental health treatment - or lack of it :-)

Here are a few photos from 2019 to remind us of some activities and events. Stuart, John, Richard, and Robin, Last of the Summer Wine; Robin and June enjoying cigar smoke at the Bansals in our village; trips to Gardens open for the NGS Charity, including the Royal Frogmore Estate; Middle Wallop; Bledlow Ridge, home of the late Lord Peter Carrington; Castle near Ross-on-Wye treat from Saskia and Gary; Visit from Australian friend Rudi; Steve and Kay's Spitfire Party. LOTS of tennis for June and Samantha; Lovely Wedding of nephew Paul Gurney and Kim; Sadly, several funerals too, including brother in law Michael and friend Ajay Bansal; Donkeys in the New Forest like ice cream. Click on pictures to enlarge. white strip Xmas19 piccy LOSW 1 Xmas19 piccy LOSW 2 Xmas19 piccy Cigar Xmas19 Frogmore Xmas19 piccy AAA Xmas19 piccy Bledlow Ridge Xmas19 piccy Castle Xmas19 Rudi Xmas19 piccy Xmas19 Tennis Xmas19 Wedding Xmas19 Donkey white strip