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Please see the footnote on our About page. Maybe these licence costs will be zero - but, sorry, you will still need permission to use the software.

GPS Software Business Partners

Updated Thursday 21st April 2011 UK time


The companies in "A" and "B" lists below have a business relationship with Sunninghill Systems, and are therefore treated as "partners". Most have an interest in selling remote tracking systems, as on the CHASE page. Others wish to sell consumer products, such as Pocket PC based GPS, low cost GPS with a CD/DVD, or complete Car-PC systems. Some are technical "end users" investigating alternative GPSS-based solutions. New partners are welcome to join our network. Please see the Business page for details.

If someone demonstrates GPSS to you in the context of "business", and they are not listed here, please contact Robin


You require a GPSS Licence

TESTING WITH SUPPORT IS FREE: Most business and non-business users take advantage of free registration, by following the step 1 then step 2 (Quiz) process on the download page. You may test GPSS, with free technical support from Robin, for an unlimited period.

DEMONSTRATION LICENCE IS 100 GBP: The first GPSS licence purchased is normally a "demonstration" licence, at 100 GBP. This includes being listed under "B - Partners Authorised to Demonstrate" below, exchange of more technical and commercial information, and permission to run GPSS on several PC owned by the business. The demonstration licence(s) cover all modes of GPSS use, and are normally re-issued every 6 months, at no extra cost, by mutual agreement, so long as the user remains a GPSS Partner. This is a flexible arrangement during the early phase of GPSS-based business development, or evaluation of the GPSS product for a particular application or market.

NAVIGATION PRODUCT LICENCE TYPICALLY 1% OF TOTAL PRODUCT PRICE: For GPSS Partners who have built a good relationship with Robin, the typical end user licence cost is 1% of the total sales revenue. A good example of this is when selling consumer products based on the Pocket PC version of GPSS. The cost of GPSS licences for supply to end users, by those listed under "A - Partners Authorised to Distribute" below, depend on the application, and the quantity of licences purchased. Those who buy in quantity get a large discount. Prices here are in GBP (Pound Sterling. 1 GBP = approx 2 USD or approx 1.3 Euro) For in-car navigation, typical one-off price is 20 GBP, with large discount applied on quantity purchase. This discount is negotiable, but might bring price to nearer 1 GBP or 1% of total product price.

AVL LICENCE TYPICALLY 10% OF TOTAL SOLUTION PRICE: For remote tracking the cost is 100 GBP per vehicle tracked - if 9 or less licences are purchased. The cost is 50 GBP per vehicle tracked - if 10 licences are purchased (50% discount). Purchase in larger quantities will cost less. The discount is negotiable. This is for vehicles tracked via radio, ORBCOMM, GSM and other mobile phone systems. Contact Robin for negotiation of higher volume purchase, or other variations such as Inmarsat-C, or where "air time" is being sold, rather than hardware. Our policy is to keep GPSS cost less than 10% of total end-user price - much less for those who buy in higher quantity.

FOR HIGH VOLUME, THE LICENCE MIGHT BE FREE: For Pocket PC, Smartphone and in-car consumer applications, sold in high volume, the GPSS licence cost might be very small - or even zero - depending upon the overall business operation and deal closed with Sunninghill. e.g. will depend upon other things such as additional CDs offered, collaboration on promotion, etc.

"A" - Partners Authorised to Distribute

These companies are authorised by Sunninghill to "sell on" GPSS in some way. e.g. distribution of a Pocket PC based GPS; distribution of a CD or DVD bundled with their consumer GPS products; GPSS configured for specialist in-car use within a Car-PC; GPSS-based services; GPSS as the Basestation software within a "turn-key" multi-vehicle remote tracking system.

  • Ethiopia: Akalu Alemu, P.O.Box 17288, CMC Road, Bole, Kebele 15, house no b9-22, Addis Ababa, Shoa.
    tel: +251911401949. e-mail: web site:

  • Corfu, Greece: Alexandros Christou, Arillas, 49081, Corfu, Greece.
    Tel: Home +30 2663051889. Office: +30 2663031777. Mobile: +30 6932648788.
    e-mail: see GPS Tourist guide for Corfu and
  • Greece: Nikos Polychroniadis, Aspo Technology,
    Perdika 2a, 50200 Ptolemaida, Kozani.
    Tel: +30 4630 22874. Fax: +30 4630 22874. e-mail:

  • Netherlands Antilles: Gregory Richardson, Secure Tech International,
    Ground Dove Road # 5, Suite 18, Pointe Blanche, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean.
    tel: 599-542-1900. fax: 599-544-2555.

  • Australia: Mal Heathfield, TWIG Solutions. email: web site:
    Distribution of a TWIG CD with a free copy of GPSS, bundled with a low cost GPS receiver.

  • Ecuador: Juan David Fortuny, Jose A. Calisto 181, Quito.
    Tel: +593-9-956-9559. Fax: +593-2-227-0840. e-mail:

  • Taiwan: Samuel Lai, San Jose Navigation Inc., 9F, No. 105, Shi-Cheng Road, Pan-Chiao City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-2687-9500.
    Fax: +886-2-2687-8893. ICQ No.: 3224830 e-mail: Website:

  • Canada: Akhtar Mirza, Navigation Canada Systems (NAVCAN), 201-5009 48 St. Lloydminster, Alberta T9V 0H7 Canada. Tel +001 780 808 2995. Fax +001 780 8757632. E-mail Web Site

"B" - Partners Authorised to Demonstrate

These companies have permission to use GPSS to experiment, demonstrate to others, promote their GPS hardware products - but not to "sell on" GPSS to others. Addition to this "B" list required purchase of a GPSS demonstration licence at 100 GBP (see "You require a GPSS Licence" above). Any in the "B" list could move into the "A" list, when they are ready to sell GPSS-based solutions. Some of these are technical "end users" experimenting with alternative GPSS-based solutions. The GPSS licence(s) are normally re-issued every 6 months, at no further cost, by mutual agreement. Those at the top of the list are usually the most recent joining, followed by others in the same country.

  • Holland: Bob Scholt and DuckTrail : 57 Celebesstraat, Wormerveer. 1521 BS. Tel +31 075 6219701. email:

  • Australia: Steven Chadd, Compass Logistics, Level 1, 616 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004.
    e-mail: Website:
  • Australia. Mark Rothwell. M R Marine Electronics, 2 Masset St, Gladeville, NSW 2111 Australia.
    Tel +61 428 250520. Fax +61 2 9817 4627. e-mail: Website:

  • Malaysia: Renier Meyer, Infocast technologies
    19-3A Plaza Permata 6 Jalan Kampar, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    tel: +60340449908 fax: +60340443006 email: web site:
  • Malaysia: Shamsul Bahri and Mohamad Nizam, Ride Com Enterprise,
    No. 12A Block 4, Pusat Bandar Taman Keramat, 54200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Shamsul Bahri Mobile: Tel +447799260702. e-mail:
    Mohamad Nizam Mobile: +60192575577. e-mail:
  • Malaysia: Hong Hock Ann, No.15 Jalan Kangking, Batu Kawa, 93250,Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
    Tel: 082-688293 e-mail:

  • UK: Roy Campbell, 120 Hickman Street, Glasgow, Strathclyde, G42 8SY, Scotland, United Kingdom.
    tel: +44 141 585 8938. fax: +44 141 585 8939. e-mail:
  • UK: Ian Rycroft, Brixmis Ltd. (has moved from Winsham address). e-mail:
  • UK: Nick McCullough, Ascot. Fax: +44 7764791819.
  • UK: Brian Collins, Point '2' Point, Suite 501, International House, 223, Regent Street, London W1R 8QD. Tel: +44 (0)1902 742694. Fax: +44 (0)1902 757554
  • UK: Tony Wale, Silva Limited, PO Box 387, Staines, Middx. TW18 1EU.
    Tel: +44(0)1784490684. Fax: +44(0)1784490690.
    e-mail: Website:
  • UK: Paul Hough, Autotrak Systems. Tel: 01373 454098.
    Mobile 07740 198111. e-mail:
  • UK: Darryl Coffey, Premier Electronics Ltd., High Street, Waltham Cross, Herts, EN8 7JU, UK. Tel: +44(0)1992634652. Fax: +44(0)1992634616.
    e-mail: Website:
  • UK: Robert Hatton, Unit E1, Gadd Street, Nottingham, NG7 4BJ.
    Tel: 0115 9780965. e-mail:
  • UK: Otto Souta, OTAMAT group, 20 Jellicoe Gardens, Stanmore Middx HA7 3NS UK. Tel: +44 20 8420 7598. Fax: +44 20 8933 6580
    e-mail: Website:

  • USA: Jim Trethewey, Intel Corporation, 5200 NE Elam Young Parkway Mailstop CO5-166, Hillsboro, OR 97124-6497.
    Tel: +1.503.677.5828. e-mail:
  • USA: Fred Hwang, Chief Technical Officer, Uic Link International Co.
    7400 harwin Dr., Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77036.
    Tel: (+1)713-783-3122. e-mail: Website:
  • USA: Andres Pedraza, Box 482, DWG, PA 18327-0482 USA.
    Tel: +1 (919) 349-6992 e-mail:
  • USA : Jeff Jacobsen, Boeing Aerospace, 1800 S. Price, Chandler, Az 85255.
    Tel: +1 480 722 7345 (Scott Teplitz).
  • USA : Ira Stein, Stellar-Trax, 5 Pine Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. Tel: +1-201-757-2424. Fax: +1-201-703-6833. e-mail:
  • USA : Jerry Bransford, Bransford Plumbing Company Inc, 3641 Madrid Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76133. Tel: +1-817-294-0862. Fax: +1-817-293-5336. e-mail:
  • USA : Graham Avis, Hughes Network Systems, 10450 Pacific Center Court, San Diego, CA 92121. Tel: +858 452 4706. Fax: +858 457 4994. e-mail:
  • USA: Dr. Pascal Le Menn, Ababor L.L.C., 1526 Wharton Court, San Jose, CA 95132. 1 (720)535-2583. Fax: 1 (435)415-4736. e-mail:
  • USA: Dr Dan Cheng, Wusicom Group, 20760 Reid Lane, Saratoga, CA 95070.
    Tel & Fax: 001-408-741-9880. Cell: 001-408-858-6798. e-mail:

  • Indonesia: Budi Rianto Halim, Jl. Anggrek Nelly Murni C89. Jakarta - Barat, DKI Jakarta 11480.
    Tel: +62-21-5305078. Fax: +62-21-5349677. mobile:+62-818112021.
  • Indonesia: Sutanto Sutrisno, PT Borneo Raya Citrasakti, Nugra Santana Building, 8th floor suite 818, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 7/8, Jakarta 10220-Indonesia. Tel +62 (0)21- 5703655 or Tel +62(0)21-5704928. Fax +62(0)21-5707180. Mobile +62(0)816-904491. e-mail:

  • Iraq: Eng. Mohamad Alturayeki / General Manager,
    Joohayne Co. for Security Safety Telecom, P.O. box 1099, Istiklal street, Basra, Iraq.
    Tel: 0096440616745. Mob: 009647801407473 & 00962795728589. Email:

  • UAE: Mr A.Y.Samara, General Manager, Room 109 AL GARHOUD BLDG. DUBAI , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.
    Tel +9714 2825733 / Fax +9714 2827588. Mobile Phone : +97150 6576190.
    Email: and

  • Nigeria (from UK): Tunde Soetan, Kontrol Enterprises Limited, 24 Exeter Road, Gravesend, DA12 5QX, UK.
    Tel: +44 7956 186 043. Fax: +44 1474 568087. e-mail:

  • Germany: Klaus Hirschelmann. e-mail: Website:

  • Korea : Dae Bit Lee, cpoBox 194, Seoul, SongPa 138-600.
    Tel: +8216-720-5302. Fax: +8224160071. e-mail:

  • Italy: Maurizio Manzo, Elisys srl, Via Appia 256, Casagiove, 81022.
    tel:+39 0823468565 fax:+39 0823494619 email:
  • Italy: Pietro Cassinari. IMAGE Group, Via San Giovanni 42, Piacenza.
    Tel +39 0523 334994. e-mail:

  • Cyprus: Nicos Nicolaou, Touchstone Telecommunication Ltd, P.O.B. 42673 , Larnaca. Tel:+357 4 659705. Fax:+357 4 658281. e-mail:

  • Portugal: M. Ramos, Locatis Lda., Casa da Lagoa, Avessada 2665-402 Sto. Estevao das Gales, PORTUGAL. E-mail
  • Portugal: Nuno Giao, VIA GLOBAL, Centro Comercial Sao Joao de Deus, Av. Antonio Jose de Almeida No 5-D, 1049-012 Lisboa, Portugal. Tel +351 1 7931517. Tel +351 1 7819730. Fax +351 1 781 9729.
    e-mail Web Site

  • France: Pascal Granger, Ambulances Barisiennes, Parc Oudinot, BAR LE DUC, Meuse 55000. Tel: +33329790404. Fax: +33329790464.
  • France: Nicolas Delaporte, SER sarl, Rouen. Website:
    Tel +33 2 35 07 42 94. Fax +33 2 35 07 43 87.

  • Israel: David Shmueli. Pele-Phone Communications Ltd., 33 Izhak Rabin Rd., Givataim, P.O.B. 62036 Tel Aviv. Tel +972-505369232. Fax +972-89281714. (DF Use Only)
  • Israel: Kalman Ferber, Tadiran Communications Ltd, 26 Hashoftim Street, Holon 58102. Tel: 972-3-5575543. Fax: 972-3-5575505.
    e-mail: Website:

  • Costa Rica: Klaus Kayser, INTSATT, Apdo. 1234-1200, Pavas
    Tel: +506-389-1011. Fax: +506-290-6652.
    e-mail: Website:

  • Taiwan: Y.K. Lee, RoyalTek Company Ltd., 1071 Chung Cheng Rd. Suite 9F-1, Tao Yuan City, Taiwan R.O.C. Tel: 886-3-3569666 ext.2106. Fax: 886-3-3560900 e-mail: Website:
  • Taiwan. Virginia Wu. GlobalSat Technology Corporation. 2F-1. No. 16, Chien 8 Rd., Chung Ho City, Taipei Hsien, 235 Taiwan. Tel: 886-2-8226-3799 Ext.807. Fax: 886-2-8226-3899 e-mail:
    GPS products within Taiwan and agreed export markets.

  • China: Arkadiy BAR, Hong Kong. e-mail: website:

  • Norway: Kristian T. Fahlstrøm, Technical Manager, Orbcomm Norway AS Kjørbokollen 30, Sandvika, N-1337, Norway.Tel: +47 67805175.
    Mob: +47 90 76 06 56. e-mail:

  • Chile: Roberto Sone: Paul Claudel 1490-133, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.
    Tel: +56 2 274 9821. Fax: +56 2 269 6869. e-mail:

  • Thailand: Didier Delaval. N&D International Business Consultants Ltd. N&D-D International (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Bangkok Office Tel 66 2 712 91 76, Fax 66 2 712 91 77 JC TOWER # 102/156 SOI PROMPAK, SUKHUMVIT SOI 55, KLONGTAN, WATTANA, BANGKOK 10110, THAILAND.
    E-mail: Web sites: and

  • Singapore: Lau Swee Kiang. SKTECH Marine Electronics. Blk 1090, Lower Delta Rd, #07-10, Tel +65-2709004. Fax +65-2700892. e-mail:

  • Lebanon: Roger Karam, Karam Group s.a.l., Manhattan bldg., 246, Badaro Street, Sector 58 P.O.Box: 116-5083 Badaro, Beirut - LEBANON.
    Tel: +961-1-386200 Fax: +961-1-386201
    e-mail: web site:

  • Romania: Dan Apostol, Bucuresti. Tel 40 1 92392961. e-mail

  • Ukraine: Yuri Polunin, BI-TEX, 7-B, Transportnaya St, apt.70 Odessa 65039, Ukraine. Tel +38 0482 280893,+38 0482 347294, Fax +38 0482 347294
    Home Tel +38 0482 600436.
    e-mail Web Site (Russian)
    BI-TEX: solutions for remote tracking and security.

  • Czech Republic: Jan Brdlik, IMEX Trade s.r.o., U Jezu 215, Vrchlabi, 543 02, Czech Republic. Tel: +420 438 421251. Fax: +420 438 422151.
    E-mail: Web site:

  • Philippines: Lindsey Rex Sage of Quezon City.

  • Denmark : Jannick Johnsson, Scan Projects Solutions. Supplies hardware.
    Contact details removed at his request, on 4th December 2000. (time wasters).

Those above have a business relationship with Sunninghill Systems.
Those below are not currently within the GPSS Partnership Network.

"C" Others Authorised to Demonstrate

These companies still have permission to use GPSS to demonstrate their products, often because they are "old contacts or friends". They are not developing business based upon GPSS. If they were, they would be listed in "A" or "B" above. They will probably remain on this list until they ask to be removed, or a new partner in their country requests it.

  • USA : Jim Radford in Issaquah,WA. Jim has hosted the GPSS mirror on for years.
    His personal site is and you will find Jim on the USA links pages.
  • UK : Dave Bullock, G6UWO, living in Nottingham, UK. see Radio DF Page.
  • UK : Roger Peggram, G7RUH, living in Bracknell, UK, featured on RADIO Page.
  • UK : Steve Williams. Satellarm Ltd, UK. Contact details removed at Steve's request, but can be contacted via Robin. Satellarm business is suspended. Steve still supports his old customers, but is not seeking new ones.
  • Singapore : Mr Jeffrey Tan. GPS Technologies (Singapore) PTE
    37 Tannery Lane, #07-01 Tannery House (S'pore) 347790;
    Tel No: 749 5077; Fax No: 749 4744; e-mail
    Was a partner with exclusive use of GPSS within Singapore until end of 1997.
  • UK: Dr Nigel & Eileen Bennee. Lucidata. Cambridge. Tel 44 1223 846100, Fax 44 1223 846200, their web site on or e-mail
    Good friends and business partner on a INMARSAT-C Project.
  • Italy : Luigi Costa. EA sistemi s.r.l. Via Roma 39/1 - 17031 ALBENGA - Italia Tel: +39 0182 558600. Fax: +39 0182 558606. E-mail:
    Good Friend and contact who did early work in Italy.
  • Italy : Francesco Marradi in Grosseto. e-mail. SOC Web Site
  • Denmark : Kurt Poulsen. L H Mobilradio A/S, Virkelyst 21b, 9400 Norresundby
    email Web site
  • Ecuador : Ivan Porras. CARSEG S.A. Fax +593 4 295730 or +593 4 246762
  • Sweden : Anders Gylen. Bearsafe Security.Fax +46 21 352420
  • USA: Jim Drewett. Applied Digital Security Inc. (ADSI) San Diego.
    tel +1 619 5850435 fax +1 619 585 0427 e-mail and Web Site
    Has done good work on GPSS with ORBCOMM and is now an ORBCOMM VAR.

"D" - Removed from GPSS Partners

The following companies have been removed from the "A" or "B" lists above. This could have been due to their failure to pay the 100 GBP demonstration licence fee, after promising to do so, and ignoring e-mails on this subject. Another reason could simply be that they have not replied to Robin for several months or re-registered GPSS (free). Another reason might be that they have simply agreed that GPSS is not suitable for their business, and is no longer needed.

  • Indonesia: Jefry Cucu, MIND, Jakarta moved from "B" list on 8th April 2005 after failing to pay the 100 GBP promised in early January.
  • Iraq: Raaed Alkhateeb in Baghdad. Moved from "B" list on 29 Sep 2004. Unable to make payment after promise on 7th July.

  • UK: Paul Rodger, Trading States Ltd, Reigate. Moved from "B" list on 15 July 2003. No replies since February. No further use assumed for GPSS.
  • UK: Mark Barber of Slough for Alconnect Ltd. Includes Steve Chrich. Moved from "B" list on 1 August 2002. Mark is not (now) an Alconnect employee. Alconnect did not know of this page.
  • UK : David Wedge, DTM Power, Burcot, Oxfordshire. Includes Neil Brogden, Skidmaster International Ltd in Southampton. Moved from "B" list on 18 March 2002. Use of GPSS in Marbella, Spain, to support Worldwide launch of the new Ford Fiesta in early 2002 was a great success. Over 100 new Fiestas guided their occupants by voice around the local roads. However, all companies in this contract chain, up to and including Fords, do not currently hold a valid GPSS licence.

  • Brazil : Rajamim Azoubel. RajaTrack/Azoubeltec Electronics Ltda of Rio de Janeiro.
    Moved from "A" list on 5 Oct 2000.

  • India (was in UAE): Old address in UAE: P.Gnanaselvan, Al Wasit, Sharjah, UAE.
    Moved from "B" list on 5 May 2001. Nothing heard for 6 months. Now in India.
  • India: Jay Kishan Bangia of Faridabad
    Moved from "B" list on 1 Dec 2000.

  • Nigeria: Bilal B. Mansour, NOVA, Internet Solutions Nig. Ltd., Lagos.
    Moved from "B" list on 21st October 2004: now using other software.
  • Nigeria: Ayodeji AKinseye, Environmental Information Factor.
    Moved from "B" list on 1 August 2002.
  • Nigeria: Adeniji Olusegun Samuel, Styrax Systems Ltd.
    Moved from "B" list on 7 Feb 2002.

  • South Africa: Gavin Huggins, Flowtech Systems, of Edenvale.
    Moved from "B" list on 1 August 2002.

  • Philippines: Electronic Multi-Tech Resources, Quezon City and/or Integrated Defense,Inc. (I-Defense) of Makati City Removed from "A" and "B" lists in January 2003.