GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat
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Snoopy's Windmill Boat

Play the Windmill Boat video to see Snoopy's first attempt to sail a windmill-powered boat ! The video shows the top-heavy boat adopting an inverted position, the rescue, and then a successful trip around the lake, using the same simple autopilot.

The picture on the right was taken on 16th March 2013, when the little boat joined Snoopy Sloop 9 on 24/7 duty - by accident: the twin brothers say "hello" as they repeatedly try to bump into each other.

Two pictures from the video are below ...

The windmill made this small boat a bit too top-heavy - but it worked for a minute or two ! :-) Snoopy's Windmill Boat

Without the windmill, this little robot boat, with the same autopilot, completed the Bray Lake Test route, of 1/3 mile, in 11.5 minutes - that's 1.75 mph. Snoopy's smallest robot boat