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This old page below only describes....

45 Geocaches hidden by Robin and June
- mostly west of London in the UK

Updated Thursday 25th October 2012

cache contents Geocaches map Much of this page was last updated in August 2002, and many of the caches were planted in 2001. However, June and I are re-visiting the caches and replacing those that are "worse for wear" or missing. Those recently checked are nearer the top.

Many of the Geocaches hidden by us are easy to find, and are often large tupperware boxes full of low cost "goodies" including things like fluffy animals from OXFAM shops, toys and books for children, and a disposable camera to take a picture of yourself - but to leave in the cache after your walk to enjoy the nearby area.

"Easy" is a relative term: most of our caches can be reached within half an hours pleasant walk, but you may need to spend a few minutes searching for the cache or clues - particularly in wooded areas where GPS signals may not be good. Those marked ** below, may require you to solve a puzzle or find a clue ticket. Those marked *** such as "California" are the most difficult - but not too difficult for anyone. We try to choose places that will be of interest to tourists, and plant caches likely to draw more people into taking up geocaching as a hobby.

4038032N01421084E,Sorrento Italy N710 29Jun02 GCIT See details and logs on N710
5124750N00035770W,Tweetiepie N227 G9253 23Oct01 GCTP See details and logs on N227
5131207N00046442W,Robin's Thicket N514 16Apr02 GCRT See details and logs on N514
5126635N00033955W,Magna Carta N203 G7383 14Sep01 GCMC See details and logs on N203
5123987N00019703W,Hampton Court N200 G8271 03Oct01 GCHC See details and logs on N200
5125045N00020690W,Bushy Park N496 11Apr02 GCBU See details and logs on N496
5115695N00057726W,Odiham Castle N204 G8922 16Oct01 GCOC See details and logs on N204
5124485N00042025W,Englemere Pond N225 G8297 04Oct01 GCEP See details and logs on N225
5107316N00111958W,The Grange N207 G9817 04Nov01 GCTG See details and logs on N207
5125047N00036614W,Valley Gardens N261 G11874 28Dec01 GCVG See details and logs on N261
5126584N00016682W,Richmond Park N212 G7933 26Sep01 GCRP See details and logs on N212 ** photos !
5122043N00039490W,Windlesham N507 13Apr02 GCWI See details and logs on N507
5126600N00036460W,The Copper Horse N202 G7103 08Sep01 GCCH See details and logs on N202
5122671N00038256W,Sunningdale Golf N224 G8678 12Oct01 GCSG See details and logs on N224
5129386N00037070W,Windsor Castle N199 G7176 09Sep01 GCWC See details and logs on N199
5123152N00044401W,The Lookout N285 G14244 3Feb02 GCTL See details and logs on N285 **
5123094N00045574W,Caesar's Camp N215 G7160 09Sep01 GCCA See details and logs on N215
5123818N00039595W,Armitage Court N201 G7052 07Sep01 GC22 See details and logs on N201
5122700N00052550W,California in England N558 5May02 GCCE See details and logs on N558 ***
5122854N00036868W,Treacle Mines N218 G7054 07Sep01 GCTM See details and logs on N218 ****
5122108N00035620W,Chobham Common N222 G7550 17Sep01 GCCC See details and logs on N222 **
5122453N00040433W,The Bee N511 13Apr02 GCTB See details and logs on N511
5132457N00053108W,Henley on Thames N213 G7772 23Sep01 GCHT See details and logs on N213
5125444N00035855W,The Obelisk N206 G7465 16Sep01 GCOB See details and logs on N206
5132120N00032932W,Black Park N226 G9678 01Nov01 GCBP See details and logs on N226 ***
5124855N00037734W,Virginia Water N266 G6533 27Aug01 GCVW See details and logs on N266 **
5133110N00048348W,Hurley Lock N209 G8328 05Oct01 GCHL See details and logs on N209
5124360N00039350W,Victory Field N223 G6757 02Sep01 GCVF See details and logs on N223 **
5127108N00038329W,Windsor Great Park N205 G7385 14Sep01 GCWG See details and logs on N205 **
5124187N00040285W,Swinley Forest N383 13Mar02 GCSW See details and logs on N383
5126492N00052678W,Dinton Pastures N220 G9202 22Oct01 GCDP See details and logs on N220 **
5121744N00034429W,Gracious Pond N221 G8574 09Oct01 GCGP See details and logs on N221
5126445N00052570W,Easy Dinton N286 G14246 3Feb02 GCED See details and logs on N286 **
5126414N00013799W,Wimbledon Windmill N214 G7935 26Sep01 GCWW
5126031N00043159W,Jimmy Cricket N228 G9299 24Oct01 GCCR REMOVED.
5134256N00042753W,Cookham on Thames N210 G7713 22Sep01 GCCT
5128016N00055439W,Microsoft on Thames N211 G7314 12Sep01 GCMS **
5133020N00037638W,Burnham Beeches N216 G8644 11Oct01 GCBB ** LOST!!!
5129519N00047329W,Waltham Walks N217 G8178 01Oct01 GCW2 **
5222628N00133311W,Warwick Uni' N243 G10695 24Oct01 GCWU
5122927N00027539W,Father Thames N538 26Apr02 GCTH **
5124055N00039300W,Sunninghill N520 18Apr02 GCSU ***
5129377N00029555W,Heathrow N534 23Apr02 GCHE ***
5126848N00017520W,Richmond Hill N532 22Apr02 GCRH See details and logs on N532 ** LOST?
5125206N00120412W,Donnington Castle N208 G9071 20Oct01 GCDC LOST?
5123963N00031615W,St. Ann's Hill N219 G8608 10Oct01 GCAN See details and logs on N219 LOST?

Most of the following dates back to 2002 or earlier ...

On Sunday 18th August 2002 Robin and June had a GPS Party
In February 2002, 32 of our 35 caches "went missing". A GeoTrasher? All now replaced :-)
Please don't be afraid to plant caches near us - we'd love you to - less petrol to burn :-)

To access the page on click on the link provided (e.g. N199).
Please log your finds on
Please do not use page on (G7176) or rely on Robin's backup (GCWC).

The pages hosted on, are NOT intended as an alternative to geocaching web sites such as and They simply provide a "backup" our Geocache information on the Net and on GPSS CDs.

calling card Here is our "calling card" :-) -->

We reccomend that anyone planting their own caches publish them on all three geocaching sites, in addition to keeping their own backups. Similarly, it is suggested that you log your visits onto all geocaching sites hosting the page. All three geocaching sites deserve your support, and this should only cost you a few extra seconds by use of the Windows Clipboard (Control-C and Control-V).

On Monday 5th November 2001 all the Lovelock Geocaches were removed - "archived" - from by Jeremy Irish, due to pressure from a small group of Geocachers, mostly in the north of UK who regarded them as "commercial". In February 2002 Robin's write access to these pages was removed and the majority of caches suddenly "went missing". This could obviously have been coincidental. These pages on (e.g. G7176) should not be used since Robin cannot keep them up-to-date, or even delete them. You should now only use to access Lovelock cache pages.

You will find information on this controversial subject of the "Too Many Lovelock Geocaches" on the GEOCUK page. At the time of writing this there are only about 100 Geocachers in the UK in total - so it is VERY early days for this hobby indeed :-)

These Lovelock Geocaches are non-commercial and "Public Domain". i.e. the contents of the caches are public property*, as is all information about them, including their location, description, and logged reports of visits to them. Hopefully others will adopt the same policy as this when they come to plant caches, log visits, or host geocache information.
* unless stated otherwise on the cache. e.g. the cache may be property of the landowner.